The Ultimate Winter Elopement Planning Guide, Ideas + Locations

Planning an enchanted winter elopement? Discover the best tips, tricks, and ideas to make your getaway unforgettable. This ultimate guide has everything you need! 

ultimate winter elopement planning guide

Winter Ideas for your Snowy Elopement

Winter is a time of year where couples tend to spend more time together than they do in warmer months. Couples often want to get away from their busy lives and enjoy some quality time together. If you're looking for some winter elopement ideas, here are some suggestions.


Snowshoeing is a wintertime activity that allows you to explore the beauty of snowy landscapes and quiet forests. You can enjoy a peaceful walk as the wind whistles through the trees by strapping on some snowshoes and hitting the trails. There are many outdoor areas where trails are maintained in the winter, making it an ideal outing for those who want to elope or explore nature in winter months.

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If you're looking for an unforgettable winter elopement experience, why not consider snowmobiling? Explore miles of trails and cross frozen lakes while enjoying the freedom and thrill that snowmobiling can provide. Create lasting memories on your winter elopement with this exciting winter activity!

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun activity that brings a couple even closer together. Whether you go ice skating at a frozen lake, your Airbnb or take a trip to a resort, you'll have a blast.

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Skiing or Snowboarding

Ready to hit the slopes? Whether you prefer skiing or snowboarding, a mountain elopement can provide the perfect backdrop and rush of adrenaline as you take post-ceremony joy rides down the slopes. If possible, plan your adventure during the week to avoid crowds and ski traffic buildup on weekends. Show off your skills with a ceremonious ride out of your special moment!

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a very active full-body workout and will surely keep you warm during the winter.  You can rent skis and equipment or bring your own.


Hiking is a great way to experience nature. You can hike in national parks, state parks, or even private land. Bring along a backpack filled with snacks and water, and enjoy the fresh air.  Pack your microspikes for the safest way to get around during the winter.

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Airbnb or Resort

What’s better than going to a cozy Airbnb or ski mountain resort.  All of your activities for your elopement are within close range so you can enjoy every moment of your winter elopement together.  Relax in a hot tub after your days activities or sit by an open fire and cuddle on the couch together.

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Dog Sledding

Are you a dog lover? Forget the traditional white chapel and horse-drawn carriage, and opt for a more adventurous route by dog sledding! Not only will you get to take in the beautiful winter scenery, but you'll be sure to make a lifelong memory during your special day. So, why not tie the knot atop a sled drawn by huskies as you explore rural terrain? Dog sledding is an excellent way to make your elopement unique—and unforgettable!

Winter Elopement Locations

1. Upstate New York

In Upstate New York and the Catskills, there are a variety of drool worthy, Condé Nast Traveler destinations ideal for a winter elopement. Lake Placid, specifically, is well-known for its outdoor winter activities, with several ski resorts like Hunter Mountain or Wittenberg Mountain for lodging options. Imagine staying at Little Cat Lodge near Catamount Mountain, this adorable mountainside getaway is the perfect destination. Or another favorite is Scribner's Lodge by Hunter Mountain! For more places to stay in NY, check out my guide!

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2. New Hampshire

Whether you’re looking for something cozy and adventurous or a stunning alpine backdrop, the White Mountains of New Hampshire offer some of the best winter elopement locations in the Northeast. There are 12 ski resorts perched on mountaintops to rustic cabins tucked away in snowy forests, this snow-covered region offers unique spots perfect for a romantic winter elopement ceremony.

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3. Maine

Are you dreaming of a winter elopement in Maine? Maine has 18 ski resorts to choose from! Look no further than Moosehead Lake, Baxter State Park, and Acadia. These magical spots in the Pine Tree State are perfect for those seeking a picturesque winter wonderland backdrop for their special day. Whether you choose to exchange vows on the frozen lake or explore the snow-capped mountain tops, Maine has an array of magnificent locations to choose from. For Maine elopement packages, click here!

4. Colorado

If you’re looking for a luxurious and beautiful mountain destination to elope, consider Colorado. Popular locations such as Vail, Breckenridge and the Rocky Mountains offer breathtaking views and romantic atmosphere for your special day. Imagine saying your “I do’s” surrounded by snow-capped peaks, glistening lakes and an endless expanse of nature! Whether you decide on an intimate gathering with just your closest loved ones or are more interested in a grand affair, you won't be disappointed when it comes to winter elopments in Colorado. Check out this beautiful winter elopement in Colorado!

winter elopement in Colorado

5. Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming is a winter wonderland, perfect to tie the knot and declare your love! There are beautiful ski resorts and stunning vistas in Grand Teton National Park that make for unforgettable elopement locations. Immerse yourself in nature with a romantic hand-in-hand walk through snowy mountains or a snowshoe adventure to a pristine lake - all perfect activities to start the next chapter of your life together!

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What to Wear for Your Winter Elopement

A winter elopement is not just about escaping or getting away from the cold weather; it's about embracing the cold weather together. You'll want to wear something that keeps you warm and comfortable while still looking good. If you're going to be outside for a long time, make sure you have layers that keep you warm without being bulky.

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what to wear for your winter elopement
what to wear for your winter elopement

Winter Elopement Dress

Other warm clothing gear to include for your winter elopement:

  • Thermal Leggings 
  • Boots
  • Wool Socks
  • Alpaca fingerless gloves
  • Wool shawl
  • Smart wool socks 
  • leg warmers
  • Hat
  • Fur coat
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Scarves 
  • Sunglasses
  • Sweater
  • Hand and Toe Warmers

Click here to get the things you need for your elopement!

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Best Suits to Wear for Your Elopement

If you are looking for the perfect suit to wear for your winter elopement, then look no further than wool. Wool suits provide style and sophistication with a cosy comfort, allowing you to stay warm and look fashionable during your special day. With different types of fabrics available, wool suits are a great way to stay warm without compromising your style on your big day!

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Things to Consider for your Winter Elopement

Leave Extra Time for Travel

Planning an elopement in the winter means you have to factor in extra time for travel. With snow and ice as well as delayed flights and road closures, can easily double your journey time. As such, you'll want to budget more time in case a blizzard renders your intended location inaccessible. This will provide some leeway if you need to switch dates and choose a day with better weather instead.

As you plan for your winter elopement, it's important to account for the possibility of dangerous weather conditions. If there is any chance of life-threatening weather interfering with your wedding day, make sure to be flexible and have ideas for alternative locations or times. Make sure you and your elopement photographer have a Plan B backup location for your winter elopement. It may come at an additional cost, but ensuring that you can stay safe while still having beautiful photos is worth it!

How Long Do You Want to be Outside for your Winter Elopement?

Planning a winter elopement outdoors takes your comfort and safety to a whole new level.  Limiting the amount of time you spend outdoors in colder climates, especially during inclement weather or gray days when the sun isn’t out is an important factor to consider.  Making sure you can take breaks and warm up in the car or resort or Airbnb is a great idea to make sure you feel comfortable and enjoy yourself. A 4 hour outdoor elopement would be a wiser decision. The rest of your time can be spent indoors getting ready and enjoying an indoor activity like yoga, dining, massage, meditation, etc.

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Warm Weather Winter Getaway Elopement Locations

Are you looking for an exciting winter getaway? While colder locations may not be for everyone, there are a variety of amazing locations that offer the perfect atmosphere for a romantic winter elopement. From tranquil mountains and sand dunes to sunny beaches and tropical forests, these destinations provide the ideal backdrop for your special day and tend to be less crowded during the winter months. Be sure to check out the Best Places to Elope in the U.S.

1. Palm Springs + Joshua Tree

Looking for the perfect winter getaway for your elopement? Look no further than Palm Springs and Joshua Tree! This desert oasis is just a short drive from Los Angeles and San Diego. You can find plenty of cool airbnbs to stay in amongst the gorgeous Joshua trees. Plus, you can enjoy warm weather all year round here - making it an ideal choice for a winter elopement.

2. Las Vegas, NV

Looking for a wintery destination to elope? Consider one of the many breathtaking deserts close to Las Vegas! The desert atmosphere of Death Valley will serve as the perfect backdrop for your special winter getaway. You'll find stunning stretches of sand dunes, cozy canyons, and plenty of spectacular nature worthy of inspiring romance and hope. With the right prep, you may even be able to find remarkable snow-capped mountain vistas or take in the brilliance of nearby lake views without leaving the warmth of your rental vehicle. For couples seeking an extraordinary elopement experience, Death Valley should make a top choice on any wishlist! Check out my Las Vegas elopement packages!

3. Arizona

Winter is the perfect time to elope in Arizona! Enjoy a romantic escape and experience sunny days and cool nights in Tucson or Sedona, famous for its red rock formations and happy Saguaro cactus. Both destinations offer an unforgettable backdrop for an intimate ceremony. Explore breathtaking views and hikes, unique natural surroundings and peacefulness when you elope in Arizona's wonderland.

4. Tulum, Mexico

Dreaming of escaping to a beautiful beach getaway in Mexico for your elopement? Tulum is the perfect destination! With stunning white sand beaches and picturesque blue waters, this tropical paradise provides an unforgettable setting for your special day. Enjoy a romantic walk along the beach or enjoy watching breathtaking sunsets with your significant other - no matter what you choose, Tulum will offer an unforgettable winter getaway!

5. Morocco

Consider a Morocco elopement getaway for your next intimate ceremony. Exchange vows in an oasis with ancient mountains to your side, or witness a magical sunset over the glorious minarets of the medina. Go on camel rides, explore romantic Kasbahs and camp out under starry skies in the desert. You'll be sure to make unforgettable memories in Morocco's vast desert landscape!

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Winter Elopement Photographer

Planning a winter elopement can often be daunting due to the unpredictable weather in many locations. To ensure your special day goes off without a hitch, it’s best to enlist the help of an experienced winter elopement photographer from New England. I have traveled to all of these locations, so I can provide you with valuable insights about what to expect and how to prepare for any weather conditions. With my expertise and knowledge, I can make sure your winter elopement is captured flawlessly! Learn more about my Elopement Packages here!

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