New England Elopement Photographer

Photos that evoke the depths of your love, the subtlest of emotions—and the grandeur of the landscape

You two are engaged and have made the massive, exciting decision to do things your way!

You’ve decided to put the middle finger up to a traditional wedding and start your marriage in a way that feels true to you both. Eloping is a new, cool, and meaningful way to get married, and we acknowledge that making this decision wasn’t easy. It’s a big step in your journey together, and it’s time to celebrate your love in a way that reflects your adventurous spirit.

Your Grand Adventure Awaits

You’re here because you’re looking for a photographer who gets you, someone who’s going to take you on a grand adventure. This is the biggest day of your relationship so far, and it’s all about the experiences you’ll share, not the things you’ll have. Maybe you want to go off-roading, spend the day hiking in the woodlands, horseback riding, or having a fire-roasted dinner with a view of the mountains. Or perhaps a scenic helicopter ride to the top of the Alps in the Dolomites for a private ceremony is more your style.

Planning can be stressful AF, and you want someone to handle it all for you—someone who can capture your unique story with bangin’ creative photos that look like they came out of a fairytale or editorial magazine. No traditional fluff, just pure, unfiltered magic. And that’s where I come in.

Howdy, I’m Corey!

New England elopement photographer…
and much more

Elopement photographer’s what my business card would say (if I had one), but that’s just the beginning of what I do for you and your partner.

But let’s talk photos first—because what you really want is someone to capture the raw emotion of your day and make it into art. I do digital, film + Super 8 photography, which give me the chance to play with light and color against dramatic natural backdrops. (You’ll hear me say that Nature is the greatest artist of all time.)

Technical skills are only part of the equation, though. If I had a superpower, it would be putting you and your partner at ease and making you feel natural in front of the camera, even if you don’t usually love having photos taken. (This is something I’ve heard time and time again from my couples.)

Whether you two are mega adventurous and super natural in front of the camera, or you prefer to take things a little easier and the thought of being photographed makes you nervous as heck, or anywhere in between… I’m here to plan the absolute most perfect day for you two. It will be a day that feels uniquely yours and one you’ll never forget.

Kind Words

“Corey is a Magical Genius Who Captures Timeless Memories”

“Corey is not just a photographer; she’s a magical genius who captures timeless memories. Her photos allow us to relive our wedding day, showing moments we couldn’t see while living it. The joy, gratitude, and love in her images are overwhelming, making us cherish them even more. Her guidance on our special day made her feel like family. We can’t wait to share these memories with our daughter someday. Corey preserves the magic of our day forever. We love her!”

So yes, you’ll get moody, deeply personal photos in untamed landscapes, but also…

  • Location Scouting: Whether your vibe is Western, Wes Anderson, moody, sunny, or somewhere in between, I’ll hand-pick the perfect spots for you. I’ll find the ideal location for your vows, ensuring it’s not crowded with tourists and matches the ambiance you envision. I consider the time of day, sun position, and potential activities to create a picturesque backdrop. Plus, I’ll make sure we have a Plan B in case of weather. This isn’t just about finding a spot; it’s about creating a day that represents your relationship perfectly. I’ll handle all the logistics so you can focus on enjoying the moments without rushing
  • Timeline Planning: Knowing where to be and when is crucial, but it shouldn’t feel rushed. I’ll craft a timeline that balances structured activities with plenty of time for spontaneity or just rest. We’ll maximize our time together, ensuring you get to experience everything you want without feeling hurried. Whether it’s an adventurous hike, a scenic horseback ride, or a relaxed moment by the fire, every detail will be thoughtfully planned to fit seamlessly into your day.
  • Elopement Guide: Planning an elopement can be overwhelming, but my comprehensive guide has you covered. Filled with tips and tricks from years of experience, it helps you navigate every step of the process. From selecting vendors and securing permits to finding perfect locations and planning timelines, this guide ensures a stress-free and unforgettable elopement. It’s your roadmap packed with insider knowledge to make your day flawless.
  • Permits & Marriage Licenses: With years of experience, I’ll assist with all necessary paperwork for public lands ceremonies.
  • Local Recommendations: From scenic bike rentals and the yummiest eateries to modern, aesthetic Airbnbs, I’ve got you covered.
  • Officiant: Meet George, my husband and travel buddy, who’s also an ordained officiant. During the summer months, he can officiate your ceremony, or I can step in and sign your marriage license anytime.
  • Vow Writing Guide: Struggling with your vows? I’ve got advice to turn your emotions into meaningful words, making it a fun date night activity.

And here’s the BEST part…I won’t make you wait forever to relive your elopement!

A day or two after you elope, you’re soaking in a hot tub at a coastal Airbnb in Maine that’s peak hygge when your phone buzzes. It’s me, with a sneak peek of up to 25-50 images from your day. These early photos let you relive those magical moments and share your elopement with family and friends with something far more beautiful than a hurried selfie. You’ll have stunning, professionally captured images to announce your elopement, showcasing the joy and love you experienced.

My elopement packages include:

  • Elopement guide
  • Planning checklists
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Location scouting
  • Timeline planning
  • Online gallery with high resolution photographs
  • Sneak peeks within 24-48 hours
  • Final gallery delivery up to 8 weeks
  • Film photographs + cell phone video clips
  • Ordained officiant in the summer
  • My travel included
  • Unlimited guidance
  • Snacks, first-aid kit + umbrellas (just in case)
  • Option to purchase prints, albums + more

Now let’s take a look at the elopement packages

The Works


12 hours of photo coverage, split between 2 days.

Maybe you want to hike a mountain to say your private vows, then go on a romantic horseback ride (and have it documented to make you feel like a model in a Ralph Lauren ad). Then the next day, get ready together and have your family join you for ceremony + dinner celebration.

Or maybe you want to exchange vows on a windswept shore, surrounded by family and close friends. The next day is just you two, as we set off on a sunset hike where you read letters you wrote to one another.

Most Popular

Sunrise + Sunset

Eloping with your dog: tips and tricks


8 hours of split day photo coverage.

Listen, I know it’s hard to choose between sunrise and sunset. So don’t. Instead, revel in an early-morning adventure together (hello, blue hour). Then luxuriate in a mid-day break…may we suggest a delicious brunch followed by a nap?

We’ll pick back up later in the afternoon so you get the best of golden hour—and a romantic sunset experience. 

You can spend the whole day as a couple, or invite your loved ones to join for part of the day while still savoring time to yourselves.

Just Us


4 hours of continuous photo coverage.

No fuss, no frills—just you, your love, maybe your nearest and dearest and the epic sweep of nature. Pair a cozy sunrise or sunset ceremony with portraits as you get ready and do your first look. Then we’ll make our way to one last epic location.

Investment starts at $6,000

Is this exactly what you’ve been looking for?
Well then, “Giddyup, let’s do this!

Amazing, here’s what happens next…

Start a conversation

Head to my contact form and tell me everything you know about your relationship and your ideal elopement (even if that’s just “we want to elope, but we don’t know where or when”). 

Dig deeper

I’ll e-mail you a link to book a zoom with me! We’ll sit down for a Zoom call where we’ll explore what you love to do, the mood you want for your day, and what an adventure together might look like—and which package will be the best fit for you.

And if you’re wondering if I travel
here’s where you’ll find me most often…

New York + New England

My home base, brimming with incomparable fall colors, striking granite peaks, and cozy cabins.


Once a horse woman, always a horse woman. Tie the knot at a dude ranch, or a wildflower meadow in the Teton range.


Palm-lined oases, earthen kasbahs, desert stargazing, and the Sahara dunes, of course.

The Dolomites

Alpine lakes, jagged towers of rock, gondola rides, and that’s before we even get to the food.

That’s just the beginning, though—I’ll travel anywhere for kindred spirits.

Kind Words

“Timeless Vision Captured Perfectly”

“This might be the easiest review I’ve had to write. Corey understood the vision and executed it timelessly. From digital, film and the amazing super 8 video, we couldn’t have asked for a more amazing wedding photographer. She came to our wedding in Mexico plus our engagement shoot. She captured memories that will forever remain with us. I definitely recommend Corey for any elopement, engagement or intimate weddings!”


It happens! And we don’t cancel except in the most extreme cases—between you and me, we’ll be prepared. Some of the moodiest, most dramatic Acadia National Park elopements I’ve photographed have had fog, wind, and rain. I like to say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. 

My inbox is always open to you! There’s no limit to how many questions you can ask, or what we can plan. Want to do a private yoga session before getting ready? Had the idea for a hot chocolate bar after dinner? I’m on it.

Of course! I love a pup of honor, and I’ve even got some advice on how to bring your dog along with you. (Number one hint: bring a dog wrangler—or hand the leash to George, if he’s along for the ride!)

A thousand times yes! Whether you’re just not a big hiker, or you need an accessible location to accommodate you or your loved ones, we can find the right place. (Also, if you’re not into hiking, can I suggest horseback riding?)

This sometimes feels like the question that knocks everyone for a loop. First of all: I’m in your corner (it’s your day, after all!) and you can always come to me to talk it through. If you need advice on how to have the conversation, and how to incorporate your family if they’re not attending, I’ve got you covered.

You bet! Most of us aren’t models who spend a ton of time in front of the camera—this is totally normal for my couples. 

For one, we’ll spend plenty of time talking so that I already feel like an old pal by the time we meet. For another, while I sometimes gently prompt you, I also try to take a step back and let your emotions take the lead—many of my best photos come when you’re so wrapped up in the moment, it’s as if I’m not there.

Yes! I’m a huge advocate for turning your photos into something tangible, so you can relive the day without scrolling (just think about all the time you spent as a kid, flipping through family albums). If you’re interested in prints and albums, tell me and we can make it part of your package.

Of course—I love to travel. I’ve photographed elopements in Wyoming, San Diego, Tulum, and the Italian Alps, to name a few. You name the destination, and if we’re a match, I’ll be there, leather jacket and all. 

Hell yeah! We can get as creative as you want, wherever you want. If you’re planning a traditional wedding but still covet some epic portraits out in nature, let’s go make magic.

If you’re a wild woman and ready to own it…

You can add bridal boudoir photography onto any elopement package

Before their wedding, many of my clients indulge in a bridal boudoir session (or as I prefer to call them, intimate portraits) at my gorgeous natural-light studio in New Hartford, CT. Yes, you’ll get some glam, sexy photographs, but it’s also a chance to take some time for yourself and explore what being a woman truly means to you. If you’re intrigued, I’ll share all the details when we meet for the first time to talk about your elopement.


Does this feel like a hell yeah to you too?

Well then, let’s officially meet over Zoom and talk about how we can make your day as epic as possible!