You're all about embracing the great outdoors, loving meaningful experiences, and cherishing each other's company...

and that’s why eloping speaks to your soul.

You desire an abundance of stunning photos to effortlessly share the beauty and joy of your stress-free elopement with your loved ones, reflecting your day exactly as you dreamt it.

magical moments that will transport you back in time

But, planning your dream elopement feels overwhelming, right? From choosing that perfect location to figuring out how to break the news to your family, and what activities will make your day extra special.

This is where I step in–your trusted guide, friend and creative photographer, dedicated to transforming your elopement dream into a stress-free, unforgettable experience.

I'm here to provide you with all the essentials and guidance you require, even for those little details you might not have realized you needed. Let's make your elopement an unforgettable adventure, tailored just for you!

Hey! I'm Corey! More than Just an Elopement Photographer

As your elopement photographer and outdoors enthusiast, I'm here to weave the raw beauty of nature with your love story, creating unforgettable experiences. I blend different photography styles - film, digital, and Super 8 - adding a unique artistic touch to your special moments. Beyond capturing stunning images,

I'm your planner, guide, and companion, taking away the stress of planning and location scouting. My approach is not just about photography; it's about art, capturing every emotion, detail, and the interplay of light and color. With a passion for the outdoors and a knack for making you feel at ease, I ensure your elopement photos are not just pictures, but a reflection of your true selves, filled with joy and authenticity. Let's create an elopement experience that's effortless, enjoyable, and truly yours.

BONUS! Did I mention if you elope in the summer, you get my amazing husband, George as your officiant and assistant!

You're more than a photographer; you're a weaver of memories, crafting something so extraordinary, it's almost beyond human.”

Kind Words

"You didn't just capture our moments; you stopped time for us. You transformed our magical day into timeless pictures we'll treasure forever. Living my wedding day was a whirlwind of emotion and joy, and now, seeing it from an outside perspective through your photos is truly amazing. These memories are not just for us but for our future too – I can't wait to share these precious moments with my daughter someday."

Denielle + daniel

acadia national park, maine

  • Ordained Officiant:
    I can sign your marriage license!
  • Vow Writing Guide: Assisting you in creating heartfelt, personal vows.
  • First Dance Playlist: Crafting the perfect musical backdrop for your intimate moments.
  • Local Recommendations: Connecting you with the best vendors, accommodations, activities, and dining spots.
  • Organizational Checklists: Keeping you on track and stress-free throughout the planning process.
  • Unlimited Communication: Maintaining a close connection throughout your elopement journey.
  • More Than Just Photography: Beyond capturing your moments on film, digital and Super 8, I'm your wedding planner, Uber driver, and travel buddy wrapped into one.
  • Personal Dressing Assistant: I'll be right there to help with your dress and boutonniere.
  • Personalized Attention: With patience, accessibility, and genuine kindness, you'll feel uniquely valued and secure.
  • Location Scout: Finding the perfect spots for your special moments.
  • Timeline Planning: Maximizing our time together with efficient planning.
  • Permits and Marriage License Help: Guiding you through essential legalities.

Guess what makes your elopement even more thrilling?

Within 24-48 hours of saying 'I do,' you'll receive stunning sneak peeks to share with your loved ones. Imagine announcing your elopement with professional photos rather than just a quick selfie. And here’s the cherry on top: I also capture cell phone videos during your big day, which I’ll compile and include in your final gallery along with beautiful film photographs. It’s a unique feature not many photographers offer, making your elopement memories even more special.

  • Stress-free planning for your personalized experience
  • Elopement guide
  • Planning checklists
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Location scouting
  • Timeline planning
  • Honest + artful photography on your elopement
  • Online gallery with high resolution photographs
  • Sneak peeks within 24-48 hours
  • Final gallery delivery up to 8 weeks
  • Film photographs + cell phone video
  • Option to purchase prints, albums + more
  • Ordained officiant
  • My travel included
  • Unlimited guidance
  • Snacks, first-aid kit + umbrellas (just in case)
Eloping with your dog: tips and tricks

The Works

Sunrise + Sunset

Just Us



This package is perfect for couples who:

  • Desire an intimate and memorable ceremony, embodying the simplicity and beauty of love.
  • Prefer a smaller adventure for their ceremony and portraits.
  • Wish for a ceremony at sunrise or sunset, capturing the day's most magical moments.
  • Hope to include friends and family for a portion of their special day, blending privacy with shared joy.


This package is ideal for couples who:

  • Seek a magical full-day elopement with the luxury of a mid-day break.
  • Value the intimacy of getting ready together, sharing a heartfelt ceremony, and indulging in a favorite activity.
  • Refuse to choose between a sunrise or sunset experience and prefer to savor both.

Perfect for those desiring:

  • A blend of intimate moments and memorable adventures throughout your special day.
  • An unforgettable experience that captures the essence of your love story from dawn till dusk.


This package is perfect for couples who:

  • Are dreaming of an epic adventure together, exploring multiple locations.
  • Want to have a ceremony with family but also crave their own personal adventure.
  • Desire to include adventurous activities such as sailing, horseback riding, etc.

Offering the best of both worlds, this package allows you to:

  • Enjoy a relaxing morning to dinner with family, with the sky as your limit.
  • Spread over two days, it blends family time with a private adventure—embark on your own journey together the next morning for a breathtaking sunrise.

And if you do choose the 8 or 12 hour package...


Want to relive the magic of your elopement day in a cinematic way? Add on our Super 8 film package to your chosen collection. The nostalgic film style captures the essence of your love story, leaving you with a timeless keepsake that will tug at your heartstrings for years to come. Looking at 4 hour package and also want Super 8?

starting at $1,800

we want epic memories

If the thought of stress-free planning, artistic photos, and personalized attention gets you pumped, let me hear a resounding 'Hell yeah!'



Fill out my contact form with your details and your dream elopement vision. Not sure about the details yet? No worries, I'm here to help you figure it all out!

Hey, let's jump on a Zoom call and chat about your dream adventure elopement. Whether you've got everything figured out or you're on the lookout for some creative sparks, I'm loaded with ideas for us to dive into. This is all about teaming up to make your day amazing!

contact me




I've got you covered with all the guides for locations and elopements, along with some top-notch vendor suggestions. You'll also get some awesome checklists to help keep everything super organized. And don't forget, I'll send over a questionnaire to help me put together your timeline! We'll tailor your adventure around the activities you adore. A month before your big day, we'll hop on a Zoom call to iron out all the final details!

Secure your date by paying the retainer and signing the contract. Once that's done, you'll receive an extensive welcome e-mail filled with all the elopement + location guides, vendor recommendations, and much more, ensuring you have everything you need for an epic elopement. From local accommodation suggestions to trail suggestions + local activities – we've got it all covered!

Get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime on your elopement day – it's the start of your forever adventure! Picture this: a day where you can just relax, soak in every stunning moment, and truly enjoy. You're in great hands with me; I'll make sure you're at ease and having a blast every step of the way. Remember, this is just the beginning of a lifetime filled with incredible adventures together! Let's make it a day to remember!

Are you looking for an elopement photographer with a specialty in finding all the perfect locations? If so, look no further! We specialize in providing our clients with unique and stunning backdrops to capture those special moments. Whether it's a beach, forest, or mountain backdrop you're looking for, we can find the perfect spot to record those romantic memories.

book us worldwide

‟Not only is her talent and creativity unmatched, but she is the kindest, COOLEST, most fun-fleetwood mac-loving, and adventurous person we've met.”

"We immediately connected and formed a friendship with her & her equally amazing husband George that will last a lifetime - having her as our photographer really was the bonus. Corey was professional, organized, and wonderful to work with from day one. She put together really amazing questionnaires and scheduled follow up calls to make sure we were on the same page as far as timeline, our vision for the day, list of must have photos/family photo list, list of other vendors, etc.

Her photos & talent is truly incredible. We were drawn to her unique, moody style and the photos we received were beyond anything we could've imagined."

Blair + Mitch

stonington, ct

What if it Rains on our Elopement Day?

I want epic landscape photos, but I don't want to hike, is that possible?

Rain or shine, we elope with style! If it looks like rain, I’ll be on weather-watch, ready to adjust your timeline to the driest part of the day. Plus, with my handy elopement packing checklists, you’ll be fully geared up for any weather surprises. And don’t worry, I always have two clear umbrellas in my car, just in case. Trust me, some of the most magical and memorable photos are captured in the rain. So let's embrace whatever the day brings and make it uniquely beautiful! More on this blog.

Absolutely! Not every jaw-dropping photo requires a long hike. There are many majestic locations that are easily accessible and still offer stunning views. My tip? Plan your elopement around sunrise. This way, you can enjoy these epic landscapes with fewer people around, as these accessible spots can get busier later in the day. This approach ensures you get those epic, serene shots in nature without the need for an extensive hike.

Can our dog come with us?

How do we tell our family we're eloping?

Absolutely, your four-legged friend is more than welcome to join in the fun! Just bring a leash, some water, and their favorite treats. In some places, your pup can even play a special role by signing your marriage license! If you've got a dog handler, that's perfect for some hands-free moments during your photo session. And hey, if my husband is there as your officiant, he might be able to help out with holding your furry pal while we capture your beautiful moments together. Check out this blog for more tips!

That's a great question and a common concern! Telling your families about your decision to elope can feel daunting, but I've got you covered. I've written a detailed blog post with various strategies to help make this conversation easier and ways to include your family in spirit, even if they won't be there physically. For all the tips and advice, just check out my blog post through this link. It's designed to guide you through this delicate topic with grace and inclusivity.

How do you make your couples looks so natural?

Do you do Engagement Sessions?

Yes, I do! Engagement sessions are a blast! We can get as creative as you want and YES, I also do destination engagement sessions! I love getting to know my couples and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera before your elopement! Plus, we get to create an adventure together! Fill out my contact form to learn more!

Thanks for the compliment! Making my couples look natural and at ease is key to my approach. I focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere where you can just be yourselves. By giving gentle direction and incorporating the natural environment, I capture your genuine moments. I tune into your energy and connection, offering suggestions when needed but mostly letting your day unfold naturally. No forced Pinterest or Instagram poses here – just the real, unscripted you, beautifully framed in your unique surroundings

Do You Travel?

I'm totally on board for your destination elopement or wedding! Based out of Connecticut, just a quick 20-minute hop from the airport, I'm as close to Europe as we are to California – travel is my passion and you can see where I'll be next! Wherever in the world you're planning to elope, just give me a shout. And don't sweat the travel costs – they're all included in my destination packages.

Do you Offer Prints + Albums?

Absolutely, I offer prints and albums! Growing up, I loved flipping through our family photo albums and I still do. They're timeless treasures, especially in a world where tech is always changing. Prints and albums, they last a lifetime. If you're into having an album designed from your gorgeous online gallery, count me in! I'd be thrilled to create a tangible legacy for you. Plus, if you're looking to get some custom prints, you can easily order them straight from your gallery. Let's make some lasting memories!

And there you have it – the answers to some of your biggest questions. If you're ready to begin this incredible journey, I'm here to make your elopement dreams come true.

Remember, your love story deserves an adventure as unique as you are. So, why wait? Reach out now, and let's start planning the most magical day of your life. Your adventure awaits!

let's get started!