Grand Teton National Park Elopement Photographer

for couples who crave an untraditional and unique approach for your once-in-a-lifetime experience in jackson hole, Wyoming

Ready to saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime in the untamed beauty of Grand Teton National Park? I'm your devoted elopement photographer, here to seize each moment of your extraordinary day on digital, film, and Super 8. Picture your love story unfolding against the backdrop of rugged mountains and wild wilderness, capturing the essence of the Wild West in every frame.

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Grand Teton National Park Elopement Photographer

elopement photographer in Grand Teton National Park

I'm Corey, your Grand Teton National Park elopement photographer, and I have a deep connection with nature. For me, nature is my church, and there's nothing more majestic than these towering mountains and the intoxicating scent of wild sage that fills the air.

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Grand Teton National Park offers an epic backdrop for your unique elopement. As a Grand Teton National Park elopement photographer, I've documented moving love stories here. Whether it's a mountaintop ceremony with panoramic views or a serene lakeside exchange of vows, the Teton range provide an adventure that's as wild and beautiful as your love.

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Hey, I’m Corey!

As a Grand Teton National Park elopement photographer, I'm excited to bring my expertise to your special day!

Grand Teton National Park is a place of pure wonder and natural beauty. With its towering peaks, lush woodlands, and the invigorating scent of sage, it's like a world you'll never want to leave. Picture yourself immersed in the magic of a wildflower field or snow-capped mountains, cozying up around your campfire under a star-studded sky, or witnessing the sun's first light from a sunrise at the base of Grand Teton and its breathtaking sunset over serene lakes. Grand Teton National Park is the canvas for crafting lasting memories.

I specialize in capturing moments at some of the most awe-inspiring and unique locations within Grand Teton National Park. My passion lies in finding those spots that resonate with your love story, all while cherishing and preserving the splendor of our planet's natural wonders. I'm dedicated to creating connections between couples and the magnificent environment that surrounds them, ensuring that every moment is genuine, comfortable, and filled with love.

As an avid explorer of nature and a lover of the great outdoors, my heart beats for the thrill of adventure. If you share my love for discovering new places and wish to have your extraordinary moments beautifully captured, look no further. My commitment is to help you turn your vision of the perfect day into reality, one that reflects your unique story. I'm here to provide the resources and support you need to embark on your wedding day journey with confidence and tranquility.

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Grand Teton National Park Elopement Packages

Your elopement experience matters. Beyond artistic photos, my package offers custom timelines, styling tips, ideal locations, lodging options, and online tools to simplify planning. Let your focus be solely on each other.

wealth of resources + guides + local vendor recommendations

You've never planned an elopement, so I am here to make your life a breeze by helping you create your day, your way. I'm the biggest support person and will put your mind at ease as we walk through the planning + have the best day of your life when you elope! My elopement, location + vendor guide has tons of resources to help you plan for your special day!

location scouting, lodging + area suggestions

If there's one thing I'm passionate about, it's location scouting! I love uncovering beautiful backdrops to create stunning memories for my couples. Part of the fun? Exploring places in person and tasting the local delicacies. It's all part of creating dreamy stays for those special occasions.

experienced elopement expert

timeline, travel + officiant included

With over 10 years, I've been the go-to wedding + elopement expert for couples looking for a stress-free alternative to big weddings. I can provide helpful tips on how to best coordinate your attire, navigate unpredictable weather, button your dress, fix your bouquet and pin a boutonniere, and more.

You'll have my husband as your amazing summer officiant, and travel is included in our services. We're all about giving you personalized recommendations for your unique adventure. We'll create a custom timeline that perfectly fits your love story. If he's not available, I can handle the paperwork. Our couples love our stress-free planning approach, making you feel at ease and naturally yourselves on your special day.

Don't Take it From Me, Hear What My Couples Are Saying!

So much more than just a photographer, my elopement packages include digital, film and video as well as my amazing husband George, as your officiant. I am also ordained if you want a private elopement, I can sign your paperwork!

Consider adding Super 8 to make your elopement day even more nostalgic!

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What’s next?

Have the Best Elopement Experience in Wyoming + Make Unforgettable Memories.

You Book your Elopement Package and I send you all the Guides + I Begin Location Scouting + Timeline Creation

We Zoom + Get To Know Each Other! You share your vision with me!

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I'm so excited to connect with you!

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Ready for your Grand Teton National Park Dream Elopement!

I cannot wait to hear your vision for your adventurous wyoming elopement! get ready to explore!

Are you in search of a Grand Teton National Park elopement photographer who genuinely values your experience? I offer more than stunning photographs. My elopement package includes additional details that enhance your special day, making it even more unforgettable. Allow me to be there, capturing every ounce of joy and emotion on your elopement day!

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