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2023 Travel Schedule

This is where I will be in 2023! Check out my locations where I will be!

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Let's create art, a bit of magic just for you.

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tulum elopement + honeymoon in mexico

5 Reasons to Visit Morocco

elope + honeymoon in tulum, mexico

Ready to make your dream a reality?

Husband + Wife

You, your love, and an all-access pass to the greatest adventure of your life.

This package is for you if you want to take your elopement one step further.

Do you like surprises? If you’ve made it to this corner of my website, then you’re a real adventurer – and I hope more than anything that you click that ‘count me in’ button below, because I want to meet you one day!

This surprise elopement experience was designed specifically for you: the no-fear, all-in, let’s-do-this type of couple.

One of the best parts about eloping is the intimacy element. This experience is meant for you to enjoy an adventure of a lifetime, just the two of you. Well, the two of you, your crazy committed photographer (hi – that’s me!), and your officiant (conveniently, my husband).

Here's how it works:

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Greece Elopement Photographer

Looking for a Travel Photographer?

If I'm in your country or city in the following months and you'd like to connect, for your proposal, engagement, anniversary, elopement or honeymoon, let's do it! Fill out my contact form and I'll help you plan your dream getaway!

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