Urban Cowboy Lodge Elopement in the Catskills

Western-Style Adventure Elopement at the Urban Cowboy Lodge in the Catskills

In the heart of the picturesque Catskill Mountains, where country music classics echo through the valleys, Kayli and Chris embarked on an extraordinary journey filled with Western-style vibes, nostalgic melodies, and an adventurous spirit. Their dreamy elopement at Urban Cowboy Lodge brought together the magic of cowboy nostalgia and the cozy charm of the Catskills, creating a truly unforgettable experience. Alright, y’all ready?? Let’s dive into this Western-style elopement at urban cowboy lodge!

Super 8, Film + Polaroid Elopement Memories Documented Forever

35 mm film photo of couple in a cabin in the catskills
polaroid of a couple at urban cowboy lodge
polaroid of a couple eloping in the catskills
polaroid photo of a nudie suit

Cowboy Western Style Vision

Step back in time and embrace the nostalgic charm that permeates every corner of the Catskills. From the iconic nudie suits that adorned the legends of the past to the Western-style bridal dresses that embody grace and elegance, their elopement celebrates the timeless fashion of a bygone era.

We had a custom nudie styled suit made especially for Chris by Addicted Bespoken. It was intricately embellished with rhinestones and embroidery. Kayli’s western style wedding dress came from designer, Chantel Lauren that was flowing in fun fringe that effortlessly captured the spirit of the West. To complete their western style, they both had cowboy boots from Boot Barn.

Corey added to the charm from her amazing vintage collection of bolo ties and her Stetson and Thunder Voice Hat Co. hats.

Speaking of style, be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Wedding Dress

mens custom nudie suit by addicted bespoken
white cowboy boots from boot barn
bride in a western styled fringe wedding dress
couple walking outdoors with western style
western nudie suit and bolo tie
couple photos in the catskills
couple sitting on the floor at urban cowboy lodge

Cozy Oasis at Urban Cowboy Lodge

As Kayli and Chris arrived at Urban Cowboy Lodge, they were instantly captivated by the rustic elegance and vintage allure that surrounded them. Nestled amidst the breathtaking woodlands and mountains, their cozy oasis became their sanctuary during their romantic escapade. With its warm ambiance and remarkable mountain views, it provided the perfect backdrop for their Western-inspired elopement.

urban cowboy lodge in the catskills
copper bathtub overlooking the catskills at urban cowboy lodge

Soaking in Copper Tubs with Mountain Views

After settling into their room, Kayli and Chris indulged in a luxurious experience. They immersed themselves in the copper tubs, savoring the tranquility and the sweeping views of the mountains. The soothing warm water embraced them, melting away any remnants of stress and creating an intimate and serene atmosphere.

Afterwards, they wrapped up in comfy Pendleton robes, ordered room service, and kicked back by the fire. 

couple soaking in the copper bathtub at urban cowboy lodge
fun photos of couple in a bathtub
fun photos of couple on the bed at urban cowboy lodge
sexy photos of couple in a bathtub
couple horsing around in bed

Front Porch Serenity

While Kayli and Chris prepared for their magical moment, they chose to savor the morning tranquility on the front porch of their cabin. With stunning mountain views as their backdrop, they nestled into comfortable Adirondack rocking chairs, their hearts filled with anticipation. The gentle breeze caressed their faces as they sipped coffee and shared tender moments, cherishing the intimate moments leading up to their elopement.

couples feet on the front porch
couple enjoying breakfast on the front porch
couple in Pendleton robes at a cozy cabin

Breakfast Delivered with Love

As the sun gently peeked through the curtains, Kayli and Chris found themselves greeted by the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a sumptuous breakfast sandwich. Served with love and attention to detail, the delectable dishes arrived at their doorstep. Every bite was a culinary delight that energized them for the day ahead in the Catskill mountains.

stanley mug with coffee and a muffin
breakfast sandwich from urban cowboy lodge on a red table

Beauty Prep with Kindred Beauty Co

As the couple relished their breakfast, the team of Kindred Beauty Co arrived to pamper Kayli. With their expert touch and a deep understanding of her unique style, they transformed her 90’s Guess model vision into reality. Adorned with a natural elegance, Kayli radiated confidence and joy, ready to hike to her mountain elopement!

bridal makeup 90's style
bridal hair 90's style

Embracing the Serene Ambiance in the Catskill Mountains

As the morning unfolded, the beauty of the Catskills served as a serene backdrop for the couple’s heartfelt connection. The peaceful surroundings and the nourishing breakfast elevated their spirits and set the tone for a day filled with love and joy. With each passing moment, they immersed themselves in the natural beauty that enveloped Urban Cowboy Lodge. We couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude for this special experience.

bride pulling on cowboy boots on the porch at urban cowboy lodge
western style wedding invitation suite including hotshot and bolo tie
groom wearing a stetson hat and nudie suit
couple standing at the urban cowboy lodge bar
couple meeting at the bar at urban cowboy lodge
wedding couple running outdoors in their western styled attire
dried flower wedding bouquet
couple running in a fringe wedding dress
couple walking outdoors in wedding outfits

Hiking to Their Catskills Mountain Elopement

On the afternoon of their elopement, we embarked on a breathtaking hike through the Catskill Mountains. Taking our time on our way up, we stopped for water breaks. Hand in hand, they followed the winding trails, their hearts filled with excitement and anticipation. The trail wound through the enchanting landscape of the Catskill Mountains, leading them to a breathtaking vantage point overlooking the majestic peaks.

As they reached the ceremony site, their hearts swelled with love and awe at the awe-inspiring view before them. The Catskill Mountains stood tall and proud, serving as a majestic backdrop for their intimate exchange of heartfelt vows. Surrounded by nature’s grandeur, they pledged their love and commitment to each other, their words carried away by the gentle mountain breeze.

how to hike with your wedding dress
what to wear for your hike to elope
groom getting dressed outdoors for his elopement with cowboy boots
couple walking to cliff vantage point for their elopement ceremony in the catskills
bride and groom looking at catskill mountains
happy couple standing on a cliff for their elopement in the catskills
addicted bespoken nudie styled suit
stetson cowboy hat
western style elopement in the catskills

Dinner Under a Flower-Adorned Arch

As the sun began to set, Kayli and Chris made their way back to Urban Cowboy Lodge for dinner where they had a secluded spot. Earth Blossom Flowers created an arch adorned with vibrant flowers, creating a romantic and whimsical ambiance. Underneath this natural canopy, they shared a heartfelt dinner, savoring every moment and cherishing the love that brought them together.

dinner table floral arch at urban cowboy lodge
bridal portrait
couple kissing at dinner
couple sitting under a colorful floral arch

Stargazing by the Outdoor Fire Pit

As darkness covered the Catskills, Kayli and Chris were drawn to the flickering flames of an outdoor fire pit. With cozy blankets within reach, they watched the stars twinkle above them, their hearts filled with a sense of wonder. The quiet stillness of the night allowed them to reflect on their journey and the love that bound them together.

couple sitting by the outdoor fire pit
couple enjoying an indoor fire
specialty cocktails for the couple

A Relaxing Morning in Pendleton Robes

The following morning, Kayli and Chris embraced the tranquility of their surroundings. Wrapped in Pendleton robes, they reveled in the comfort and elegance they provided. They enjoyed a leisurely morning, indulging in a sauna and relishing a delicious breakfast. It was a moment of pure bliss and relaxation—a perfect start to their new adventure as a married couple.

Kayli and Chris’s Western-style elopement at Urban Cowboy Lodge was a celebration of love, nostalgia, and natural beauty. From soaking in copper tubs with mountain views to hiking through the majestic landscapes. Their journey was a testament to the allure of cowboy vibes and the serenity of the Catskills. As they bid farewell to this enchanting retreat, they carried with them cherished memories that would forever remain etched in their hearts.

couple holding hands in Pendleton robes sitting in Adirondack chairs looking at the catskill mountains
couple sitting outdoors by the Estonian sauna
wildflowers in spring
couple walking into the sauna with Pendleton robes

Plan Your Dream Elopement at Urban Cowboy Lodge

I hope you enjoyed this Western-style elopement at urban cowboy lodge! Now are ya ready to embark on your own adventurous and stylish elopement in the Catskill Mountains? Allow us to curate an unforgettable elopement experience that encompasses every detail, from breakfast in bed to beauty preparations. Begin your journey of love amidst the captivating beauty of the Catskills. Let Urban Cowboy Lodge be the backdrop to your love story! Just imagine cowboy nostalgia meets the cozy charm of the Catskills. Experience the magic of the Western spirit and create memories captured in digital, film and Super 8. For more information on eloping check out The Complete Guide to Eloping in Upstate New York.

Stay tuned for a Super 8 video, film and a special behind the scenes look filmed by AV Studio! They captured me doing what I love most, photographing couples outdoors in nature. AND staying at one of my favorite places in the Catskills!

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