couples New Years eve elopement in black and white flash photography

How This Couple Planned a New Year’s Eve Elopement in 30 Days

Black and White Elopement Photography

Black and white elopement photos are the perfect way to highlight the special moments of your wedding day. From first looks to kiss-filled portraits, these stunning images will capture every emotion as you share your love story with family and friends. This New Years Eve elopement is the perfect example of a timeless, nostalgic wedding day that you won’t ever forget!

Pick Unique and Natural Locations 

If you’re looking for something unique that will stand out in your black and white wedding photos, choose locations that have both natural elements and interesting locations. A beach or park can provide a great backdrop to capture intimate moments between you and your partner while adding interest and texture with sand, rocks, trees, etc. Make sure to scout the area before your elopement date so you can plan accordingly and then let your vendors/photographer know your vision for the space!

Plan Out Somewhere Unconventional 

Consider planning a black and white elopement with someplace unconventional as the backdrop. An abandoned building, untouched beach, or an old castle can provide you with a stunning environment that will surely give your photos an extra artistic flair. Plus, having a unique location will make your photos stand out from all the rest! If you want a New Years eve elopement – consider a downtown bar or artsy venue to capture the vibe!

Capture the Details of the Day 

Don’t forget to capture all of the beautiful details that made your day unique. Incorporate small objects, such as vintage jewelry, stunning bouquets, and then write handwritten vows and love letters into your photos. Even small things like shoes, flowers, or even a beautiful tie can help to immortalize all the little elements that make your elopement day perfect!

Focus on Genuine Emotions and Moments 

When you look back on your wedding, the most meaningful images will be those that capture real spontaneous emotions and interactions. Aim for candid shots of romantic moments that reflect the emotion of the day. You should also consider taking some portraits of just the two of you sharing an intimate moment together. This could be private or prompted. I love giving couples space to just BE themselves. Whether that’s intimate and cozy or even silly images of goofy laughter and playfulness!

Make Your Photos Personalized and Timeless

Personalize your elopement photos to tell the story of your special day! Whether you want romantic, vibrant, or natural poses, incorporate details that reflect your own unique style. Select the right background that highlights the beauty of your stunning ensembles and accessories. You can also opt for black and white photos; this timeless trend is always guaranteed to stand out and make a lasting impact! For a New Years Eve elopement, incorporate flash photography and fun lighting tools like sparklers!

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