Grand Teton National Park Elopement at Sunrise

Horseback riding elopement in the Grand Tetons

Wild West Elopement

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate your love story? How about swapping the traditional ‘I do’ with a vibrant ‘Yeehaw!’ and exchanging vows with the majestic Teton Mountains as your backdrop? Welcome to a timeless and magical elopement journey in Grand Teton National Park.

Having an adventure elopement in the wilderness of a place like Wyoming offers a unique way to celebrate your love story. Imagine a breathtaking sunrise mountain elopement, surrounded by the beauty and serenity of nature. This experience is perfect for couples who love adventure, nature and want to make their special day a truly memorable experience! And I can guarantee your elopement photos are going to make you feel all the feels for years to come! Did I mention I also offer film photos AND Super 8 footage in some of my elopement packages?? By adding Super 8 and film, you are elevating your nostalgic good old days feeling and adding that extra magic to your day to make it one of a kind, vintage feels and vibe, perfectly imperfect all while enjoying your adventure!

Wyoming Elopements

Wyoming and the Tetons hold a special place in my heart. My husband George and I have always been nature enthusiasts, and we’ve always had a special connection with the mountains. That’s why when we rented Native Camper van in 2021, we knew we had to make the most of our road trip around Wyoming! We sought out to adventure and explore as much of the great outdoors as we could.

Our 2 week adventure took us to some breathtaking places, but it was Grand Teton National Park that we fell in love with. The stunning landscapes, the vast skies, and the abundance of wildlife made us feel like we had found our true home. We also took a trip to Yellowstone and were completely captivated by the beauty of the Wild West! We obviously had to binge the TV series when it came out too.

George and I both love the mountains, and we enjoy hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Anything outdoorsy you name it! We know that these activities are some of the best ways to connect with nature, and we want to share that experience with others. That’s why we decided to offer our services together. As an adventure elopement photographer (hi, that’s me!) And then also offering officiant/assistant services by George. Together we want to make your special day in the mountains as effortless and fun as possible.

We can’t wait to share our love for the mountains with you and then also help you make unforgettable memories in places like Grand Teton National Park. So come join us on our journey and let’s make our dreams a reality together! If words don’t convince ya, keep on scrolling and enjoy this Grand Teton elopement in wild Wyoming!

Western style wedding in Wyoming with horses in film

Grand Teton National Park Elopement and Horseback Riding

May + Austin had an early wake-up call for their Sunrise Elopement with the Grand Teton Mountain Range! And even though we didn’t get to say hello to the sun til later in the day, the cloudy backdrop was perfect for a romantic early morning ceremony.

Film elopement photographer in Wyoming

After they said I do in the mountain-lined meadow, we took time to grab breakfast, and maybe snuk in a little nap before our next activity. We met back up for an epic horseback riding adventure amidst the Tetons. May and Austin galloped around on the beautiful summer day, creating the most epic memories for their wild west elopement.

Check out their elopement film on Super 8! Having your Grand Teton National Park elopement captured on film really creates that nostalgic Western vibe that I LOVE!

Wyoming Elopement Photographer

I hope you enjoyed this Western-style elopement at Grand Teton National Park!! Now are ya ready to embark on your own adventurous and stylish elopement in the Wyoming wilderness? Begin your journey of love amidst the captivating beauty of the Teton mountains. Experience the magic of the Western spirit and create memories captured in digital, film and Super 8!

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