Block Island Modern Elopement in Rhode Island

Modern Elopement in Rhode Island

I am so excited to share our latest adventurous editorial and modern elopement in Rhode Island with you! We worked really hard to create a special experience full of intention that will inspire more couples to travel and elope on Block Island. This modern, editorial elopement was photographed on Block Island, RI this summer and we are excited to share the beauty of Brynne + Will’s unforgettable day!

I loved this couple's unconventional ways and am so grateful my husband and I could be there to photograph and officiate their special day!

The Couples Vision

When Brynne approached me for her Block Island elopement, she really liked my editorial style. Her vision was creative, different, tasteful and FUN!

I confirmed with the couple that YES you can have a modern, editorial elopement in Rhode Island on Block Island! They wanted to elope on the beach close to sunset and during the summer months, finding a beach that isn’t crowded, was a little tricky, but I found the perfect secret location! I provided them with a location list and plan with their elopement timeline.

They asked for my artistic direction so I could put them at ease in front of the camera, but also wanted the photos to look natural and not posed. They also wanted the best candid moments of them and their loved ones.

Brynne was attracted to my ethereal aesthetic, classy, sexy, impactful photographs, not-your-average wedding photos. She could see my appreciation for nature and it shines through as well as my use of color and candids.

They expressed they really wanted a beautiful, easy, ceremony that would bring everyone to tears and have a fun rowdy after-party/dinner where they celebrated at the Block Island Beach House.

The Best Time to Visit

Block Island is a special place for this couple as they have been summering here together for many years. It’s no wonder they chose to elope here! Block Island has so much meaning and it is full of summertime memories.

If you're looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then Block Island is the perfect destination. Located just off the coast of Rhode island, it's a gorgeous island full of natural beauty.

You can leave your car in Point Judith, RI and hop on The Block Island High Speed Ferry along with your bike to get around the island. If you need your car, like me, the traditional ferry takes about an hour from Point Judith. Parking is limited on the island and is timed at 2 hours maximum, so consider that when opting to take your car or not. There are tons of moped and bike rental companies on Block Island that are easily accessible from the ferry dock.


Elopements in May are beautiful and a little bit chillier, so bring layers. The wonderful thing about eloping in spring, is you beat the summer crowds.


Eloping a sunrise is always recommended when you choose to elope on Block Island during the busy summer season. Block Island is a popular place where many families also visit the island. I highly recommend a weekday, sunrise elopement to avoid crowds.

Brynne + Will's elopement was more than magical, it was the epitome of summer. Their love and affection for one another was so beautiful to witness and I'm thrilled to have planned, photographed and delivered their elopement gallery!


Once kids go back to school in September, the island gets a lot quieter and you can enjoy the wildflowers that bloom through October for those luminous golden sunset rays. There really is no bad time to have an elopement in Rhode Island - so its really up to your preference!

Check out the best places to have an elopement in Rhode Island on this blog!

Elopement Timeline

Getting Ready

The bride and her family and friends had their hair and make-up done at Salt Hair Salon with make-up by Aline Sarkis Beauty not far from their cottage. They enjoyed a delicious brunch catered by Persephone’s Kitchen with healthy juices, pastries, mixed salads and lunch. I stopped in to see them while they were getting ready to say hello and see how their day was going. The wonderful thing about Block Island, everything is so close to so many beautiful destinations.

After they were finished, Brynne went back to her cottage to get dressed. Will got ready upstairs and snuck into a room so Brynne didn’t see him. It’s possible to get ready in the same house without seeing each other. Will left for the first look location where Brynne surprised him before their ceremony.

First Look

Finding the perfect location for their first look without crowds in the summer time was definitely a fun challenge with quite a bit of luck!. The universal gods were looking out for us to have this gorgeous location all to ourselves. Brynne’s stunning floral arrangement was made by The Farmer Florist - Block Island.

One of the ways I prepare is to always have fresh bandanas and water for my couples in the hot months to stay hydrated and free from having a sweaty face. These two look cool as cucumbers and Will chose just the right white linen suit that has breathable fabric. Not to mention Brynne’s stunning dress by Michael Lo Sordo, the perfect summer beach elopement dress.

Block Island beaches are breathtaking and have a striking natural backdrop for a private ceremony. Family and friends were waiting for Brynne + Will to arrive and we all walked down the beach together to their ceremony location. Even their dog, Lexi joined them with an adorable flower collar!


There were tears at their ceremony and my husband, George officiated. George is so good with people and he can project his voice without a microphone. Not to mention, he is an amazing assistant! We provide our couples with a guide on how to get your marriage license, ceremony ideas and vow writing tips. He creates a thoughtful ceremony that is focused on our couples wishes and intentions.

Family and friends surrounded them and you could feel the positive energy. Another thing I love about George is he gives our couples space and steps out of the way of photos so the center of attention is on them and their togetherness, especially when it comes time for the first kiss! Brynne and Will asked that their guests wear white, beige and cream colors for a monochrome palette and to be cooler in the summer months. They also prepared their guests and family with the elopement timeline I put together with locations. They also suggested comfortable shoes to hike down steep cliffs and to go barefoot or wear sandals on the beach.

what should guest where to an elopement

Following the ceremony, I always recommend my couples have a moment alone together to let that just married feeling sink in! They took a walk down the beach for a couple of photos! And then we took some fun family portraits with everyone!

Couple Portraits

Having a stunning ceremony location like this beach on Block Island is the perfect backdrop for stunning photos after your ceremony. One of the things I love about elopements, you take your time enjoying your surroundings, letting your bare feet sink into the sand and listening to the sound of the ocean. Take some time to be together and take a romantic walk down the beach together.

Golden Hour Photos

After their ceremony, we drove down the road to their next beautiful destination where Will had his Harley Davidson waiting. We had every intention of taking moving motorcycle photos, but his son had the key to his motorcycle and was already at the restaurant. C’est la vie! We still had fun with this sexy motorcycle and this equally hot couple. I mean!

We wandered down the beach for a 20 minute walk. I would suggest wearing sneakers as the sand can be challenging to navigate. We stopped for breaks along the way and took in our beautiful surroundings. There were seals on the shoreline earlier that day and I was hoping we might see some along our stroll.

Walking to this beautiful area is so worth the sunset views and in my opinion, the best place to see the sunset on Block Island. This spot also reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth painting and is so iconic of Block Island. I can see these photos in print living on their walls or in a beautiful album.

Dinner + After Party

The party isn’t over after you elope! You can continue celebrating and enjoy a summer night with your loved ones! Brynne + Will rented the a room at The Surf Beach Bar and had dinner catered for a fun evening together! They had a drink and bite to eat when we arrived and then headed out to the Beach Bar to have their first dance under the stars.

Truly an epic way to end their elopement day!

Where to Stay on Block Island

There are plenty of homes, hotels and inns available on the island, so there should be something that suits your needs. You can find more information here.

Block Island Beach House
Spring House Hotel

Things to Do on Block Island

If you’re looking for things to do in Block Island, then you’ll love this list! Included are some of the top activities to try out while you’re there.

Food & Drink

There are so many amazing restaurants in Block Island that it would take us forever to name them all. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Persephone’s Kitchen
Oddfellows Cafe
The Oar

How Do You Elope on Block Island?

Block Island elopement packages include an officiant and my elopement photography, not to mention location scouting, timeline assistance, access to my guides and so much more.

The average cost of a Block Island elopement is $5-10,000 for your photographer, officiant hair and make-up, flowers, marriage license, accommodations and dinner out after your elopement. You may want to add-on some adventurous activities for your day as well. A helicopter ride or boat cruise?

Best Places to Elope on Block Island, Rhode Island

There are so many gorgeous locations to elope on the island. I always recommend eloping during the week, preferably sunrise before the crowds and off-season. When you book an elopement with me, I will provide you with my location guide to find a spot that is just right for you (and/or your guests). I consider accessibility of all of your guests and of course, the time of day and lighting play a huge factor when deciding.

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