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Joshua Tree All Day Elopement Adventure

Eloping in Joshua Tree National Park is an experience like no other. If you’ve never been, you’ll be astounded by the serenity of nature and its ability to transport you.

Imagine an intimate elopement in the heart of Joshua Tree and getting the most epic, nostalgic, photos at the the destination of your dreams.⁠

P.S. You don’t want to miss the photo + film elopement package I'm offering that includes Super-8 Film footage to go along with your digital photo gallery!!

Trust me, this Joshua Tree elopement package is your escape to peace and love.

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Sunrise Serenity - Waking up to the sun at your Airbnb

Curating epic Airbnb's for my couples is my thing, I found this mystical Airbnb near Joshua Tree National Park. From the moment I saw the snake mural on the side of this adorable home, I knew it was a sign for our couple to stay here.

Imagine waking to the warm hues of dawn, your beloved by your side, and the day's first light gently nudging you awake. This isn't just any morning—it's the beginning of your elopement adventure, a day that unfolds at your own rhythm.⁠

With me guiding the way, discovering the perfect Airbnb is an integral part of your elopement journey. It's more than just finding a place to stay—it's about uncovering a spot with the right aesthetic vibe, a place where the views themselves become a cornerstone of your experience. Let's embark on this adventure together, where every detail, including where you rest your head, is a carefully chosen piece of your love story.⁠

Just imagine eloping in Joshua Tree National Park; exchanging vows amidst stunning rock formations under the vibrant hues of a desert sunset. Creating timeless memories in a truly magical setting with a photographer who offers film, digital and Super 8.

As your Joshua Tree elopement photographer, I will be so excited to help you design and plan your elopement, adventures. Through the planning process, before, during, and then after you say I do! Additionally, I'm offering Super 8 film footage to my Joshua Tree elopement packages!

Picture a space that resonates with your spirit, a sanctuary where every window frames the day's promise. Let’s scout that perfect spot where morning coffees brew stories and vows whispered at sunrise become lifelong memories.⁠

Does this sound like something you’ve been waiting for? If so, this Joshua Tree elopement package is your escape to peace and love.

National Park Elopement

Joshua tree landscape

Joshua Tree National Park will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped off the plane into another country or even, another planet. Furthermore, with its large, intricate rock formations, coupled with the mesmerizing way the colors of the sky change during sunrise and sunset, and the inviting energy surrounding the park, Joshua Tree is the perfect place to feel like you and your partner have run away together.

I love getting adventurous with my couples and taking them to the stunning, enormous rock formations found in the park. They are the perfect backdrop to capture the wind, movement, and also the pure energy between my couples. At night, the sky above Joshua Tree National Park puts on a display of bright pink and oranges, making you feel like you have reached heaven on earth. All with your love by your side.

Your photos will look like you traveled to another country.

High Noon Where The Adventure Continues...⁠

We’re smack in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park under the bold desert sun. This isn’t about dodging the heat; it’s about embracing those solar-powered vibes where every shadow and beam of light adds to your epic story. The wind’s playing with the unique tassels of these amazing outfits by @threadsbytea, turning what you’re wearing into something straight out of a movie.⁠

When the wind picked up, we ducked into the rocks for a bit of a break. But really, this moment? It’s huge. The sun’s blazing, our spirits are high, and everything around us feels like an open invitation to just live. Exchanging vows with nothing but sky and earth as witnesses, scrambling over rocks like we’re kids again—this is where your love story glows.⁠

I’m all in to capture those bursts of laughter, the quiet moments between, and everything in between that makes this day uniquely yours.⁠

Feeling it? Let’s dive into creating something unforgettable together. Hit me up through my Contact form and let’s chat about making your all-day elopement adventure come to life. And don’t forget, there’s more magic coming when the sun sets, painting everything in a whole new light.⁠

Unique Desert Experiences

Not only is the landscape of Joshua Tree so out of this world, but you’ll also find some of the grooviest Airbnbs in the country here!

One of the most exciting parts of eloping in Joshua Tree National Park is the abundance of unique and inspiring homes to stay in. You’ll find wide open spaces, lots of natural light, and calm neutral tones all with a retro flair. This Airbnb is one of my favorite places to recommend to couples who want to elope in Joshua Tree. Right away you’ll notice the intricate snake art on the side of the home. I was drawn to this symbol of transformation and newness for my couples as they enter into their new, beautiful phase of life.

This home we shot at was the perfect place for my couple Sephora + Gyasi to showcase their love. We started the day with a steamy session in front of the huge, windowed garage door this Airbnb boasts. With the morning light shining in, these photos were intimate and fun in the best way possible.

Desert Dusk: Embracing the Golden Hour Glow⁠

As the sun dips below the horizon, our adventure isn't dimming; it's just getting started. Twilight's got us wrapped up in its vibe, taking our elopement story to a whole new level of cool. Now's the time for those magical moments and connection, all set against the desert's epic sunset glow.

Caught a glimpse of the vibe we're laying down? ⁠

If the full-day elopement adventure is calling your name, hit the link in my bio. Let's chat about crafting that perfect golden hour magic for your big day. Remember, this isn't the end—it's the kickstart to the rest of your epic journey together.⁠

Desert Elopement Inspiration

The energy of Joshua Tree National Park is unmatched.

In addition to having the most jaw-dropping landscapes and some of the dreamiest Airbnbs in the country, Joshua Tree also has a very special, magnetic energy like no place I’ve ever been.

The Joshua Tree symbolizes strength, perseverance, resilience, and patience; all elements embedded into the beautiful couples I work with. The energy of Earth throughout time is felt here. Joshua Tree is long known as a place of multiple energy vortices on land — the forces magnify everything we humans bring to it on an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental levels. A place to find peace — that’s what Joshua Tree brings.

For my couples who choose to have a Joshua Tree elopement, this place remains a sacred land to them forever.

Overall, I can't recommend eloping in Joshua tree more! If you want a desert/western or simultaneously modern/edgy wedding just the two of you - consider checking out my adventure elopement packages to get your journey to marriage started!

Joshua Tree Elopement Film Packages

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