Sunrise Fall Elopement in Acadia National Park

Bride and groom at Thunder Hole, Acadia elopement

When planning your elopement day figuring out your timeline can be a bit of a mystery - since you're not confined to the traditional schedule of a big wedding! A common question I get asked is "what time should we elope?" or more specifically "what time is best for photos?" As your elopement photographer, I LOVE getting to answer these questions and collaborate together in the planning process! I'll be sharing Carrie + Myuya's story along with their Fall Elopement in Acadia National Park - which started at sunrise!

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Sunset or Sunrise elopement?

Otter Point, Acadia wedding at sunrise

It's no secret we photographers LOVE a good golden hour. That hour before the sun sets is a common time for photoshoots and ceremonies alike. A lot of wedding timelines are planned around that. But I'm gonna let you in on an elopement secret: you can get married at any time of the day! And in my humble opinion, sunrise can be the perfect time to elope. Here are some reasons why you should consider a sunrise elopement:

Less crowded:

Outdoor adventure elopements often take place in public areas (state parks, national parks, trails open to the general public, etc.) That means in most cases you are not guaranteed exclusive access or privacy. There may be some instances if you book a permitted location in which case no other wedding party will be allowed to host a ceremony at the same time you booked. However, in most cases we will most likely run into a few people on the trail. If it a popular trail or scenic overlook, and at the peak time of sunset - you are almost always guaranteed to not be alone! Sunrise on the other hand is almost ALWAYS less crowded, if not totally empty as most people are still snug in bed!

The light:

As gorgeous as sunset is, dusk has it's own unique dreamy light all on its own. First off, starting in the dark can give you a glimpse at the stars (if its a clear morning). And you'll get the unique experience of watching the sunrise together on your wedding day! There's nothing quite like sitting in the mountains with your honey watching the sun peak over the ridge, lighting up your faces in a moment of pure serenity.

You have TIME:

You get to relax because we won't be rushing to shoot everything before the daylight runs out! Not only that, but starting off your elopement day at sunrise leaves ample opportunities to include a whole ton more fun activities! The options are limitless as to what you can do on your wedding day. Whether you wanted to just have the sunrise vows to yourselves, and then an intimate celebration with family later in the day. OR taking a nap after your morning adventure and then going for an afternoon excursion. You can even choose to take photos at sunrise AND sunset with an all-day elopement package!

How to Create your Elopement Timeline

The real fun part of designing your dream elopement comes down to the little details around your unique vision. Before jumping into the final specifics of what time to set your alarm for - first begin with the broad basics to make sure every part of your day reflects your core needs as a couple! After going over your initial dream ideas+ goals for how you want your time to feel and look - then it's time to get to the nitty gritty of elopement planning!

To start off, creating your elopement day timeline is determined by a few factors:

  1. Where you're eloping: Does the area have certain open/closing times, is it accessible any time of the day?
  2. What season you're eloping in: The weather + sunrise/sunset times vary so much all year long!
  3. What activities you want to include: Will there be hiking? A relaxing picnic? Helicopter tour?
  4. How much time you want to spend: I'm a big fan of All-Day Elopement experience, no need to rush!
  5. If you will have guests: How many people are coming, will they be with you all day?

All of these things we go over and brainstorm on in client consultation calls. And if you're undecided on any of the above - we can work on narrowing down those things together. I'm always happy to offer any suggestions on where to elope in the US and abroad!

Here is an example of a Half-Day Elopement (6 hours) starting at sunrise:

4 a.m. Hair and Make-up artist arrive at the Airbnb
6 a.m. Groom Drive to First Look Location
6 a.m. Corey (Photographer) Arrives! Woot, let's help you get into your dress and pack the car!
6:15 a.m. Bride Drive to First Look Location with Corey, puts on good playlist to calm the nerves
6:30 a.m. First Look on the cliffs - watch an epic sunrise over the ocean together
Wander together for more breathtaking photos taking in the magic of the morning light
7:15 a.m. Drive to Ceremony Location
7:30 a.m. Meaningful Ceremony reading your vows to one another, making everyone laugh and cry
- exchanging rings
- that first kiss
- wandering off with Corey together to take in that just married feeling
8 a.m. Family Photos
- Family heads off to breakfast together
8:30 a.m. - Follow Corey to top secret Acadia location for more photos and views
9 a.m. Take in more magical beauty of Acadia and enjoy your time together while Corey takes more photos
- making sure you are hydrated and have snacks along the way
9:30 a.m. Drive to hiking Area
10 a.m. Adventure Elopement Hike
- Take time to enjoy the hike and the views, relax and wander around.
Noon - Corey (Photographer) Departs and you head back to your Airbnb to grab lunch and take a siesta

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Fall Sunrise Elopement in Acadia

Bride and groom wedding photo at Acadia National Park

Okay, now I want to share the perfect example of a sunrise elopement in Acadia! Carrie + Myuya decided to elope at sunrise because privacy was a priority! They really wanted time to be alone together on their elopement day, without guests (or tourists) around. And then later on they incorporated their loved ones by having an intimate ceremony. Acadia was the ideal location for their elopement vision, as it gave us the rugged mountain vistas as well as the romantic coast. Here's a rundown of how their fall elopement went:

First Look at Thunder Hole at Sunrise

We headed to the coast for their romantic first look before sunrise! It was an easily accessible spot (so no hiking in the dark) and we got the privacy they wanted. It was such a sweet and tender moment as they soaked in the beauty of the moment together.

Ceremony at Otter Point

Elopement ceremony at Otter Point

They got the best of both worlds - having a private elopement moment just the two of them, and then having a wedding ceremony with family.

Elopement Adventure Hike

After their family photos, we ventured off for their hike into the woods and mountain for a glorious view of the fall foliage and Jordan Pond and the ocean! Ending the day adventure elopement style!

Kind words from the couple:

We found Corey through a friend of mine who had her wedding photos taken by her. They were genuinely the most beautiful wedding photos I had ever seen. Her artistic eye is unparalleled and we can say without a doubt that we chose the right photographer. We were hoping to get married in the fall and reached out to Corey about four weeks in advance. She was so quick in getting back to us and scheduling a first meeting to discuss what the experience would look like. From that moment on, Corey singlehandedly lead us through each step of our elopement process, even sending us a checklist of things we needed to get done and possibly need to pack. Hiring Corey was like hiring a photographer, travel guide, plus wedding planner (who gives you thoughtful gifts too!). She was always so efficient in getting back to our emails, despite traveling and working long hours.Corey drove to our AirBnB the night before and lead us around Acadia, stopping to show us where we would be going the next day. I had a bit of a hectic morning the day of and when Corey entered the room, she instantly helped me gather my things, get my dress on, and get out of the house. The pleasant way in which she carried herself and spoke was so comforting and reassured me that she was totally at ease amongst the chaos.

Corey is so knowledgeable about the area and helped the flow of the day progress naturally and effortlessly. She took a lot of candid shots, but also helped with minor instructions when needed. Corey went out of her way to make sure we were enjoying our day and could really be present in every moment. At one point, Corey suggested taking my hair down, so I could have some photos with a different look, and then proceeded to remove the seven thousand bobby pins from it. I was hesitant, but I am so grateful I listened, as we now have more variety in our shots. Corey lead us on a hike after our ceremony and offered to carry all of our extra layers. She even lent me her handkerchief—and offered to carry that up as well! Corey sent us a lot of photos just a few hours after the ceremony, and additionally got all of them back to us within a month, which I was extremely impressed by. We have so many ‘favorite’ photos that the most difficult part of this whole process is choosing which to print out.

Corey helped us with every detail of our wedding day and we genuinely cannot say enough wonderful things about her and our experience overall. If you are on the fence, I would strongly encourage contacting Corey even for an initial phone call. I am positive you will feel the love, support, and genuine excitement from her. She is an absolute treasure!

Acadia adventure elopement bride and groom hiking North Bubble

Acadia Elopement Photographer

I've done extensive research on how to elope at Acadia National Park - and am so excited to spend a month here this year! Check my Travel schedule to see when I'll be in Maine! Reach out and let's plan your dream Acadia elopement!

Ready for your Maine Dream Elopement!

I cannot wait to hear your vision for your adventurous acadia, maine elopement!

Are you looking for a unique and adventurous elopement experience? Look no further than Acadia National Park in Maine! With stunning scenery and countless backdrops, it is the perfect place for your special day. From riding bikes along carriage roads to finding a wild lake deep in the woods, let me help you bring your dream elopement vision to life. As an experienced elopement photographer in Acadia National Park, Maine, I have plenty of ideas and locations up my sleeve! Ask me about my elopement packages!

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