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Looking for some adventure on two wheels? Join Ultraromance, the enigmatic bike packer who is passionate about the romance of riding a bike. In this interview, you’ll get to know Ultraromance, whose real name remains a mystery, and learn about his unique perspective on bike packing. Get ready to feel like a kid again and be inspired to hit the road with your bike.
Who is Ultraromance?  Some call him Benjamin, Benedict, Jonny and the list goes on.  Join us on an adventure in Connecticut, his hometown!

What does an average bike ride look like for you?
80.9798O78% of the time I really have an idea of where I am going, so always being prepared for anything is what I think about first before I step on the pedals.  I’ll generally pack food and water enough to sustain me for the day, and head off into a general direction.  I’ll stop a lot to shoot photos and take in whatever scene I’m experiencing.  Average speed would be about 10 mph, but I’m really not too concerned with that.  I’m often on trails and dirt roads; bushwhacking and hike-a-bike-ing.  I like getting away from the beaten path, and becoming a silent invisible machine with my bike; blending in with my surroundings… becoming an observer.  I do a lot of my best thinking out there.

What’s your most comfortable clothing to wear and would recommend?
I always wear natural fibers.  They don’t smell after one use like synthetics, and feel much nicer next to the skin.  In the warm months I’m wearing marino wool undies, cut off canvas shorts, and a linen shirt.  I generally wear the same thing every day til it wears out.

How do you incorporate your passion for riding bikes into your every day life?
The bicycle has always been my best friend.  My life revolves around it, so I would say that my life bends for the bicycle… if it ever felt like it was bending, which is doesn’t.  I don’t even think about it much… I ride bikes every day. I’ve been riding bikes every day for longer than I can remember.

What’s the funniest experience you’ve ever encountered riding your bike and/or camping?
Being an overgrown kid, I’d have to say its whenever the mega indigestion hits.  I’ve had a number of experiences in foreign countries where the food just rips right through ya.  Sometimes for days.  Its pretty funny at first though.  Use your imagination.

Out of all the places you’ve traveled in the world, where is your ideal place to live to ride a bike year round?
I dont think any such lace exists.  If it did, I’d be there!  I chase summer year round, and while some places in California come close, there is really no one place I’d be able to hang year round.  Believe it or not though, my fav place to ride a bike is the nutmeg triangle of the lower CT river in October.  Real exotic, I know…

What’s in your bag when you are on a bike tour?
Tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, titanium cook set, one set of clothes, down puff jacket, 5 days of food, wool long johns and long sleeve top, knife, headlamp, lotsa weed.  You can get pretty far on just weed.

What tools do you use to plan your route?
I use an amalgam of google maps, strava, and mapmyride.

How do you recommend simplifying your life for more freedom?
I think a lot of folks get bamboozled into doing what their parents did.  It’s how we were raised.  Makes sense.  But I feel one can find great freedoms from dissecting why, if at all thats a good idea.  The house and the kids thing.  Is that what you really want? Is that what the world really needs?  Maybe?  But think about it first, and live your life accordingly.

Are there groups people can join to learn more about bike tours?
Not that I know of, but I’m sure they’re out there. has great route info and gear reviews. has great stuff on simplifying your kit.  Social media is likely the best avenue into figuring stuff out.  I answer 10-20 questions daily about it… so I guess you can ask me?

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Photographer | Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
HIM Interview | Ultraromance
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