Dreaming of a romantic winter wedding getaway in a tropical paradise? Look no further than The Loren Pink Beach in breathtaking Bermuda. With its captivating views, luxurious accommodations, and impeccable service, The Loren Pink Beach is the ideal destination for couples seeking an intimate and unforgettable elopement. Let's explore why this hidden gem is the perfect choice for your winter wedding or elopement in Bermuda!

The Residence

Fly into Bermuda: Begin Your Journey

For a seamless travel experience, fly into Bermuda's newly renovated airport, which offers direct flights from major cities like Boston, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami. And then as you disembark, immerse yourself in the warm island vibes, knowing that you are about to begin an extraordinary adventure.

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Flying with Your Wedding Dress: A Step-by-Step Guide for Safe Arrival

If you're set on having a destination wedding that requires flying, i.e. an Elopement in Bermuda, you'll need some extra prep! Flying with your wedding dress requires careful packing to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

Choose the Right Garment Bag:

Invest in a high-quality, breathable garment bag that offers ample space and protection for your dress. Look for one with a sturdy hanger and multiple handles for easy carrying.

Prep Your Dress:

  • Clean and Press: Have your dress professionally cleaned and pressed before your trip to ensure it looks its best regardless of how far you're traveling.
  • Gentle Folding: Lay your dress flat on a clean surface and gently fold it. Use layers of white, acid-free tissue paper to place between folds and delicate areas like embellishments or lace. This helps prevent creasing and damage.

Pack Strategically:

  • Bottom of the Bag: Place your dress in the garment bag with the bodice facing upwards. This minimizes the risk of wrinkles forming on the skirt and then reduces risk of being messed if inspected.
  • Avoid Overpacking: Pack only the essentials in the same suitcase as your dress. Place your dress on top of your other items to minimize pressure on the fabric.

Carry-On vs. Checked Luggage:

  • Carry-On Preferred: Whenever possible, bring your dress as a carry-on item. Most airlines will allow you to hang the dress in the first-class closet or place it in an overhead bin.
  • Checked Luggage: If you must check your dress, ensure it's well-protected in your suitcase. Choose a hard-shell suitcase with a good balance of protection and weight. However, I would not recommend checking your dress. You don't want to risk having your luggage lost and then scrambling to find it.

Notify the Airline:

  • Call Ahead: Contact your airline before your flight to inform them that you'll be traveling with a wedding dress. They can provide specific guidelines and assistance if needed and then also be prepared for you and your dress!

Airport Arrival:

  • Arrive Early: Arrive at the airport with ample time to spare, especially if you're carrying your dress on board.
  • Security Check: At security, kindly inform the officers that you have a delicate item in your carry-on, which may require additional screening.

On the Plane:

  • Request Assistance: Once on board, ask a flight attendant if there's a suitable place to hang your dress, such as in a first-class closet. Be polite and explain that it's a delicate item.

Upon Arrival:

  • Unpack Immediately: As soon as you arrive at your destination, remove your dress from the bag and then ently shake it out to help release any minor wrinkles.
  • Hang and Relax: Hang your dress in a safe, spacious area and allow it to breathe. Many wrinkles will naturally fall out during this time.
  • Steam. There are plenty of small steamer you can pack with you to ease the wrinkles!

Remember that careful handling and thoughtful packing are key to ensuring your wedding dress arrives looking exquisite and ready for your special day. Check out my blog on choosing the Ultimate Elopement Dress.

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Getting Married in Bermuda: Navigating Legalities and Ceremonies

Getting married, either a wedding or Elopement in Bermuda, can be a dreamy and romantic experience, but it's important to understand the legal requirements and options available and prepare accordingly. Here's a breakdown of the process, including whether it's advisable to complete the legal paperwork in your home state:

  • Residency: While some destinations require a specific residency period before you can get married, Bermuda does not have a residency requirement.
  • Marriage License: Obtain a marriage license from the Bermuda Government Registrar General's Office. Both parties must be present and provide valid passports or birth certificates, as well as proof of marital status (e.g., divorce decree or death certificate if applicable).
  • Declaration: Prior to the ceremony, you and your partner will sign a declaration stating that there is no legal impediment to your marriage. This is typically done at the Registrar's Office.

2. Ceremony Options:

  • Civil Ceremony: A civil ceremony can be held at the Registrar's Office or a location of your choice, officiated by a Registrar General officer. This is a legally recognized marriage.
  • Religious Ceremony: If you wish to have a religious ceremony, it's recommended to coordinate with local churches or religious organizations. Keep in mind that a civil ceremony is required for legal validity.

3. Destination Wedding Planning for Bermuda:

  • Wedding Planners: Many couples opt to hire a local wedding planner to help coordinate the details, secure a venue, and navigate any local requirements.
  • Venue Options: Bermuda offers stunning beachfront locations, historic venues, and lush gardens for your ceremony and reception.
  • Advisability: Some couples choose to complete the legal paperwork (such as obtaining a marriage license) in their home state before traveling to Bermuda. This can simplify the process and reduce potential complications.
  • Symbolic Ceremony: In Bermuda, you can have a non-legal symbolic ceremony without dealing with the legal paperwork. You can legally marry at home and have a beautiful symbolic ceremony in Bermuda without the legal complexities.

5. Consult Professionals:

  • Legal Guidance: It's recommended to consult legal professionals or experts who are knowledgeable about Bermuda's marriage laws. They can provide accurate and up-to-date information based on your unique situation.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to complete the legal paperwork at home or in Bermuda depends on your preferences, timeline, and comfort level with the legal processes in both locations. Whichever path you choose, Bermuda's breathtaking landscapes and romantic atmosphere are sure to create cherished memories for your special day.

Transportation in Bermuda: Navigating the Island

Upon arriving in Bermuda, taxis are readily available for your convenience. The island's narrow roads and absence of sidewalks can make walking challenging, so hopping in a taxi is a recommended way to get around. Take in the scenic views as you travel to your desired destinations, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Our taxi drivers gave us enjoyable stories and history lessons of the island.

Create Lifelong Memories: Real Couples' Advice and Experiences

Q: Why did you choose Bermuda for your destination wedding, and what did you love most about staying at The Loren?

Bermuda was the perfect destination for our dream wedding. The proximity to our family and friends, the awe-inspiring beauty, and the perfect weather were beyond words. The Loren captured our hearts with its modern contemporary look, breathtaking views, and a staff that made us feel truly cared for. Our stay at The Residence provided a luxurious element for our guests to share and enjoy together. Nani and Nathaniel, the remarkable house butlers/coordinators, made each day even more special than the last.

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Q: How did your Mother (MOB) Loretta help you plan your incredible wedding weekend at The Loren?

Our Mother of the Bride, Loretta, was the driving force behind the planning of our unforgettable luxury wedding weekend. She orchestrated every detail with Dirk Beck at The Loren, who made us feel like we were his only priority. The chefs and the Pink Beach Club staff were outstanding—welcoming, pleasant, and attentive.

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Wedding photos in Bermuda
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Q: What tips can you share about getting married in Bermuda? (Transportation, food, hair, and makeup)

Plan ahead and research based on the time of year. The Loren's menu is top-notch, offering a culinary experience like no other. As for hair and makeup, we suggest working with Quay right from the start. The Loren arranged the perfect limos for transportation, ensuring a seamless experience.

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Q: What memory from your wedding do you remember most strongly? What part of the day had the most effect on you or your relationship?

Staying at The Residence with our closest family and friends is a memory we'll cherish forever. The Unfinished Church ceremony left us in awe of its historical significance and natural beauty.

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Q: What surprises did you have in store for each other?

The groom surprised the bride with two close friends who flew in for the wedding, and the bride surprised the groom with heartfelt speeches from four of his closest friends and football brothers.

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Q: How did Corey help you get married? Are your wedding photos what you imagined?

Corey and George were more than a photographer and assistant; they were an integral part of our wedding weekend. Their presence, expertise, and ability to capture our cherished moments were unparalleled. We knew Corey's exceptional photography would preserve our memories forever.

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Q: What advice would you give to future couples planning a destination wedding in Bermuda?

We highly recommend seeking out Corey for her unmatched expertise and outstanding quality. Her commitment to excellence will ensure that every moment of your wedding is flawlessly captured.

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A Winter Wonderland Awaits: Create Your Dream Wedding

Imagine exchanging vows at The Unfinished Church, surrounded by the rich history and breathtaking beauty of Bermuda. Picture a quick golf cart ride to The Loren Pink Beach, where you and your guests can indulge in a romantic cocktail hour, followed by a delectable dinner overlooking the mesmerizing aqua blue ocean. And then dance the night away to the rhythm of a local jazz trio during cocktail hour, letting a local DJ set the mood for an unforgettable night of celebration.

At The Loren Pink Beach, they take pride in offering an extraordinary experience for couples seeking a winter wedding elopement in Bermuda. Their luxurious accommodations, world-class amenities, and then dedicated wedding planning team will ensure that every detail is meticulously handled, allowing couples to fully immerse themselves in the magic of their special day.

So, if you're yearning for a winter wedding in paradise, consider a destination elopement in Bermuda at The Loren Pink Beach. Allow the warmth and beauty of this idyllic setting to embrace you as you create lifelong memories. Start planning your unforgettable winter wedding getaway today!

If you're looking for more winter elopement destination ideas, check out my guide and best places to elope in the U.S.! Be sure to visit my Travel page to see where I'll be next to book me for your destination elopement or intimate wedding. Here are more tropical destinations in Tulum.

Photographer | Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
Venue, Beauty + Caterer | The Loren Hotels
Florist | Helen Sawden Flowers
Dress | Kleinfeld's
Dress Designer | Pnina Tornai
Suit | The Tailored Gents
Videographer | LDS Multimedia
Wedding Planners | Dirk Beck, The Loren Pink Beach + Mother of the Bride, Loretta
DJ | Felix Tod
Jazz Trio | Tino Martinez Trio
Audio Guest Book | @adlib_audio
Drone | @_fleezy

Elopement in Bermuda

I hope you enjoyed today's romantic Elopement in Bermuda featuring the unfinished church, crystal clear waters, and all the good vibes of my sweet couple! Be sure and follow me on Pinterest and then don't be afraid to reach out about booking your Bermuda adventure! Above all I want you to have the destination wedding of your DREAMS! Choosing Bermuda would undoubtedly be an excellent choice for a beach lover. In conclusion, there's no wrong way to get married. Near of far, warm or cold, the most important thing is marrying the love of your life! xoxo Corey

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