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The Top Places to Elope in the Dolomites

Are you dreaming of a picturesque elopement surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites? Look no further than this guide, which explores some of the most stunning and romantic locations for your wedding adventure in Italy. From soaring peaks to serene lakeshores, the Dolomites offer a magical backdrop for your love story. I've got tons of amazing Places to Elope in the Dolomites in my client resources, but I'm happy to share a few tips and locations here for your Italy elopement!

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Getting to the Dolomites

Depending on which part of the Dolomites you plan to visit, here are some of the closest airports:

  • Innsbruck (Austria) - Closest for some areas of the Dolomites
  • Verona
  • Venice

Deciding Where to Fly into for the Dolomites

Innsbruck (Austria)

  • Proximity. Innsbruck Airport is the closest airport for some areas of the Dolomites, particularly those in the northern and western regions.
  • Travel Convenience. The airport's proximity to the Dolomites makes it a convenient choice for travelers seeking expedited access to destinations such as Seefeld, Ötztal, and parts of South Tyrol.
  • Travel Time. The travel time from Innsbruck Airport to key Dolomite locations varies but generally ranges from approximately 1.5 to 3 hours by car, depending on the specific destination within the Dolomites.

Verona Airport

  • Proximity. Verona Airport serves as a central gateway to the Dolomites! Providing convenient access to various regions in the east + south.
  • Travel Convenience. Its central location makes it a favorable option for travelers planning to explore areas such as Lake Garda, Trentino, Val di Fiemme, and Val di Fassa.
  • Travel Time. The travel time from Verona Airport to different parts of the Dolomites typically ranges from around 2 to 3.5 hours by car. But depends on the chosen destination and prevailing road conditions.

Venice Marco Polo Airport

  • Proximity. Venice Marco Polo Airport offers access to the southern and eastern regions of the Dolomites, including destinations like Cortina d'Ampezzo, Belluno, and the Cadore Valley.
  • Travel Convenience. While slightly farther from certain Dolomite areas than other airports, Venice's international connectivity and nearby transportation options make it a viable entry point for travelers arriving from various global locations.
  • Travel Time. Traveling from Venice Marco Polo Airport to the Dolomites typically involves a car journey of approximately 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on the specific destination and prevailing traffic conditions.

Choosing the Right Airport

couple holding hand in hand in Dolomites Italy mountain with horses in the background

Consider Your Destination. Assessing the specific areas of the Dolomites you plan to explore can help determine which airport offers the most convenient access.

Travel Preferences. Factor in your travel preferences, such as proximity, international flight options, and transportation availability, when selecting the ideal airport for your Dolomite adventure.

Transportation Options. Depending on your arrival airport and desired destinations within the Dolomites, various transportation options, including rental cars, private transfers, and public transport, can enhance your travel experience.

By strategically choosing the most suitable airport based on your itinerary and preferences, you can embark on a seamless and enchanting journey to the captivating landscapes of the Dolomites for your unforgettable elopement experience.

Elopement Locations in the Dolomites

When planning your elopement in the Dolomites, it's important to allow ample travel time between locations. Here's a map to help you plan your journey:

Map of Dolomites Elopement Locations

Driving in the Dolomites, Italy

Let's talk about driving. If you've never been to the Dolomites and are intimidated by steep mountain passes and s-turns, cyclists and motorcycles, it will take you longer to drive.

Navigating the distances in the Dolomites requires thoughtful planning. Especially when envisioning an elopement that moves smoothly from one breathtaking location to another. Here are a few more examples to consider:

  1. Tre Cime di Lavaredo to Lago di Sorapis. Although only about 46 kilometers (28 miles) apart, the journey can easily extend over 90 min due to the mountainous terrain and winding roads.
  2. Val di Funes to Passo Gardena. This picturesque route covers a distance of roughly 40 kilometers (25 miles), but don't be surprised if the trip takes about an hour or more. Factoring in the slow-moving traffic and the allure of frequent photo stops.
  3. Passo Giau to Cortina d'Ampezzo. A relatively short distance of about 23 kilometers (14 miles) can take around 40 minutes to an hour, especially during peak tourist seasons or when encountering leisurely cyclists enjoying the scenic routes."

Driving in the Dolomites can be challenging for newcomers due to steep mountain passes, winding roads, and occasional traffic. Plan your routes carefully to ensure a smooth transition between destinations. With so many incredible places to elope in the Dolomites, it can be so worth it to rent a car. You get so much freedom to explore! If you're not a confident driver you may need to look into hiring a driver, taking public transport, or booking a private tour.

Recommended Elopement Spots

These iconic spots are perfect for elopements but can get crowded during peak seasons. Consider staying overnight for a sunrise ceremony and a more intimate experience. Here's a list of the Top Places to Elope in the Dolomites:

1. Passo Giau to Cortina d'Ampezzo:

A relatively short distance of about 23 kilometers (14 miles) can take around 40 minutes to an hour, especially during peak tourist seasons or when encountering leisurely cyclists enjoying the scenic routes. Passo Giau is notably one of the most accessible locations in the Dolomites, where you can effortlessly drive up and park at its base. Once there, you're greeted with unparalleled views of the Dolomites, all set against the backdrop of lush, grassy meadows. Given its breathtaking scenery, it's no surprise that parking at Passo Giau is quite limited. To fully enjoy its tranquility, it's advisable to plan your visit during less busy times.

This spot is not just a haven for those seeking a picturesque elopement location; it's also a popular route for cyclists tackling the challenging climb to the peak. The sight of cyclists ascending adds a vibrant touch of adventure to the serene landscape, making Passo Giau a dynamic and inspiring setting for your special moment.

2. Tre Cime di Lavaredo + Cadina di Misurina

Cadini di Misurina & Tre Cime di Lavaredo, two of the Dolomites' most sought-after spots for elopements, sit side by side, like two gems waiting to be discovered. So, let's dive into both in this little guide. Getting there is a breeze with a private toll road from Misurina leading you straight to the Rifugio Auronzo at the towers' base. It's €35 for a day pass or €45 for an overnight stay, allowing for a scenic drive down the next morning. A brief hike from the parking lot and you're there, amidst the majesty.

Given their easy access, these spots are a magnet for elopers and wanderlust seekers alike, especially during the bustling summer months of July through early September. The road to the top closes once the parking hits capacity, sometimes as early as 9 am!

For those seeking the soft glow of dawn and a slice of solitude for their elopement, consider an overnight stay at one of the surrounding mountain huts. Imagine greeting the day with a sunrise ceremony before the day-trippers arrive. Rifugio Locatelli (Drei Zinnen Hütte), Rifugio Auronzo, and Rifugio Lavaredo offer cozy retreats, but they fill up fast—booking early is key.

Though Cadini di Misurina and Tre Cime di Lavaredo are beloved by many—a testament to their beauty—privacy at sunrise or sunset isn't guaranteed. On my last adventure here, we shared the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint with other mountain lovers. And if you're eyeing that iconic Instagram shot, patience is your friend; you might find yourself in a little queue.

Who knows, you may even see draft horses roaming freely! You're in for a treat!

3. Val di Funes to Passo Gardena

This picturesque route covers a distance of roughly 40 kilometers (25 miles), but don't be surprised if the trip takes about an hour or more, factoring in the slow-moving traffic and the allure of frequent photo stops.

To reach the majestic Passo Gardena for your elopement, no cable car is needed; you can drive directly to this spectacular location. For those wishing to experience the enchanting sunrise over the Dolomites, staying nearby is essential. Consider accommodations like Rifugio Frara or Hotel Cir, where you can wake up amidst the mountains, ready to start your day before dawn breaks. Passo Gardena is renowned for its panoramic views and accessible yet awe-inspiring landscapes, making it a sought-after elopement destination.

The road accessibility allows for a flexible schedule, but remember, early mornings or late evenings offer the most intimate atmosphere. Eloping at Passo Gardena means exchanging vows surrounded by dramatic peaks and lush valleys, providing a stunningly picturesque backdrop that embodies the essence of adventure and romance. It's a place where love and nature intertwine, offering couples a serene and memorable start to their journey together.

4. Alpe Di Siusi

For an unforgettable elopement at Alpe di Siusi, take the Alpe di Siusi cable car from Ortisei to effortlessly reach the top. This stunning location is perfect for couples dreaming of a sunrise ceremony amidst the Dolomites. To capture the first light of day, consider staying at a nearby mountain lodge or rifugio. A place like Rifugio Alpe di Tires, which offers a cozy retreat in the heart of the mountains.

The beauty of Alpe di Siusi is its tranquility, especially in the early morning. The roads to Alpe di Siusi are restricted to public traffic from 9 AM to 5 PM. Making early morning or late afternoon the ideal times for privacy and serenity. Eloping here means immersing yourself in the vast meadows, dramatic mountain backdrops, and the gentle sounds of nature. It's a setting that promises not just stunning photos, but a soul-stirring experience as you commit to each other in one of the world's most breathtaking landscapes.

5. Lago Di Braies

Lago Di Braies elopement by the lake

Eloping at Lago di Braies is like stepping into an otherworldly sanctuary where nature's artistry is on full display. Imagine exchanging vows on the private dock, which you can have all to yourselves for $400, surrounded by the mirror-like waters reflecting the majestic Dolomites. While securing the dock for your ceremony ensures an intimate space, aiming for a sunrise moment is truly magical. Be aware, even at dawn, Lago di Braies is a beloved gem, attracting early risers keen to capture its beauty.

The allure of Lago di Braies isn't just in its stunning visuals; the area offers a wealth of activities and sights. Beyond the serene embrace of the lake, you can explore hiking trails that meander through the enchanting landscape. Offering breathtaking views and the chance to immerse yourselves in the tranquility of nature. The area is dotted with cozy mountain huts where you can enjoy local cuisine. And then perhaps extend your stay, making the most of this idyllic setting.

Nearby, the enchanting Alpine towns and other natural wonders of the region beckon. Whether it's a leisurely boat ride on the lake, discovering waterfalls, or simply basking in the sheer beauty of the Dolomites; Lago di Braies is a starting point for countless adventures. This location doesn't just offer a backdrop for your elopement though. It invites you into a storybook setting where every moment is woven with the magic of the mountains. Ready to start your forever in this slice of paradise? Let's chat about making your dream elopement at Lago di Braies a reality.

6. Seceda

Seceda, Italy wedding photo

Planning your elopement at Seceda in the Dolomites is an adventure into the heart of nature’s grandeur. Here’s what every couple should know to make their day as magical as the surroundings:

Accessing Seceda. Your journey begins in the charming town of Ortisei, where you'll catch the chair lift to ascend the breathtaking heights of Seceda. Keep in mind, the lift, operated by Seceda Funivie, starts its daily service at 8:30 AM. While this is perfect for an early start, those yearning for a sunrise ceremony will find a more enchanting option.

Sunrise Serenity. For an awe-inspiring start to your day, consider staying overnight in one of the mountain huts or rifugios close to Seceda. This not only positions you perfectly for a sunrise elopement but also offers an intimate experience amid the Dolomites’ splendor, away from the crowds.

Celebrate with Local Flavors. Post-ceremony, Sofi Bait invites you to dine with the Dolomites as your backdrop. Toast your union with a refreshing Lemoncello or Aperol Spritz, and indulge in a delicious, freshly made pasta dish that encapsulates the taste of the region.

Meet the Locals: The meadows around Seceda may surprise you with sightings of Scottish Highland cows, providing a unique and whimsical element to your elopement photos.

Seceda offers couples a blend of breathtaking natural beauty, unique experiences, and the warmth of local hospitality. It’s an idyllic setting for those who dream of an elopement that combines adventure, romance, and the tranquil beauty of the Dolomites. Ready to embark on this unforgettable journey in Ortisei? Let’s capture the beginning of your new chapter together amidst the majesty of Seceda.

Escaping the Crowds

Seceda, Italy wedding photo with bride and groom looking out at a viewpoint with tourists

To avoid crowds, consider eloping during the best months of May, June, September, or October. These months offer more tranquility and privacy amidst the stunning landscapes. The best place to elope in the Dolomites can be popular for good reasons - they're A-MAZING!

The breathtaking Dolomites have surged in popularity, a trend amplified by social media, drawing visitors globally. Iconic spots like Lago di Braies and Seceda, accessible by car and ski lifts year-round, often buzz with activity. This bustle may not suit those dreaming of a secluded elopement. To find tranquility among the peaks, consider a few strategies. First, embrace the beauty of the off-season (steer clear of July & August). Second, aim for a sunrise adventure, trek to less-trodden paths, or uncover hidden gems that haven't hit the 'gram yet. And lastly, partner with a pro photographer (yours truly). Someone who knows the Dolomites inside and out can lead you to these secret spots.

For an exclusive experience, why not opt for a private helicopter tour post-dusk?

Activities for Your Elopement

The Dolomites opens up a world of activities for adventurous couples, ensuring your special occasion is surrounded by the natural beauty and thrilling experiences:

  • Rock Climbing: Thrill-seekers can enjoy climbing routes in the Dolomites.
  • Hiking: Explore trails with breathtaking viewpoints.
  • Mountain Biking: Discover rugged landscapes on two wheels.
  • Paragliding: Take to the skies for aerial views of the Dolomites.
  • Dining: Indulge in local cuisine with panoramic mountain views.
  • Spa Experiences: Unwind with wellness treatments amidst serene mountain landscapes.
  • Helicopter Elopement: Consider a helicopter tour or elopement for a unique and breathtaking experience
Bride and groom in gondola in Italy

Helicopter Elopement in the Dolomites

Imagine saying "I do" on a secluded pinnacle surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Dolomites. With only the sky above and the earth far below. A helicopter elopement allows you to access the most remote and breathtaking spots. Offering a unique blend of adventure and intimacy for your special day! It’s an unparalleled way to commit to each other in privacy, with the stunning backdrop of one of the world's most beautiful mountain ranges.

Considering a helicopter elopement or tour in the Dolomites transforms an already magical experience into something truly out of this world. The majestic peaks, emerald valleys, and crystal-clear lakes seen from above offer a perspective and serenity unmatched by any ground-based location. Here’s a brief guide to making your dream of soaring above the Dolomites a reality:

Helicopter Tour

A helicopter tour around the Dolomites can be an exhilarating part of your elopement experience, providing an unforgettable adventure that complements your ground-based celebrations. Witness the sun setting over the jagged peaks, explore the hidden beauty of the range, and scout extraordinary locations for your wedding photos. It’s also a fantastic way to celebrate your union, adding a touch of luxury and adventure to your elopement story.

Dolomites Italy landscape photo

Helicopter Companies in the Dolomites

For couples looking to incorporate this incredible experience into their elopement, here are a few helicopter service providers in the Dolomites:

  1. Elikos: Specializing in scenic flights and custom tours around the Dolomites, Elikos offers a range of options for couples looking to explore the skies or find the perfect spot for their elopement.
  2. Tofana Freccia nel Cielo: Offering exclusive tours of the Dolomites, Tofana Freccia nel Cielo provides a unique aerial perspective on this stunning landscape, perfect for those special elopement photos.
  3. Airbase Italy: With a variety of services including panoramic flights and tailored experiences for special occasions, Air Service Center can help make your dream of a helicopter elopement or tour come true.

When planning your helicopter elopement or tour in the Dolomites, remember to consider the time of year, weather conditions, and any specific regulations or restrictions in the area. Working with a local elopement planner or your chosen helicopter company can ensure everything goes smoothly, allowing you to focus on enjoying your incredible day to the fullest.

Eloping in the Dolomites, with its natural beauty and majestic landscapes, becomes even more magical when you take to the skies. Whether you're exchanging vows on a remote mountaintop or taking in the breathtaking views on a scenic tour, a helicopter adventure in the Dolomites promises to be an unforgettable part of your love story.

Foodie Paradise and Adventurous Escapes

Italy is renowned as a foodie paradise, and the Dolomites are no exception. Whether you're hiking the Alps or dining at a charming refugio, the culinary experiences here are elevated and unforgettable. And if you're not in the mood for hiking, consider renting a helicopter for a truly luxurious and panoramic elopement experience.

Charter a private helicopter for your Alps elopement through services like Elikos or Cortina In, and take your celebration to new heights.

Super 8 Film Video Photographer in Italy

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On top of that, I'll help guide and plan your destination elopement. When couples are eloping abroad, I want to alleviate the stress and unknowns when it comes to planning. I've done my fair share of exploring the globe and helping couples plan their dream day. I'm so excited to offer these services as a part of my destination elopement packages, in Italy and beyond!

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