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  1. I love these books! What a fun way and elegant way to house the most precious of vows! I absolutely would recommend these to my couples!

  2. What a wonderful idea and such great information! And gorgeous images!!! Loved all of the different ways to keep your vows as a keepsake or not.

  3. This is a super helpful post that I haven’t seen many photographers touch on, so props to you! Loving the idea of using seed paper as a sustainable option, and hiring a calligrapher is a great choice!

  4. Wow – Corey! This is such a gorgeous idea for a blog! Absolutely love all the images & the emotion & the gorgeous promise book inspiration. So great seeing how each couple has made them their own…

  5. Love the seed paper books! I’m thinking of having some made for my couples but unsure if they would rather preserve the book or let them grow.


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