Have you always wondered how to take better cell phone photos for your brand?  When I’m not photographing elopements and intimate weddings, I’m helping businesses grow!  Besides taking brand photos and editorial and intimate portraits, I love to teach!

Let’s say you hired me for your brand photo session and you want to maintain your Instagram feed with your products in between our sessions together. I can show you how to take beautiful photos using your cell phone to keep your Instagram feed fresh!

I love to style and design and bringing your passions to life really light me up. Helping people is my jam, so first things first.


Look for a clear background by window light (preferably a white or black wall).

Harsh sun creates shadow, depth of field and more interest to the shapes you are photographing.

You want your products to pop and have contrast.

Back light for that glow or sunflare.


Create space.

Leave room for background and breathing room. You may want to put text in some of your imagery.

When styling objects, think odd numbers–1, 3, 5


Creating texture adds depth and interest (smooth, rough).

Use different surfaces, fabrics, wood, metal, concrete, foam core.


Photograph your subject at eye level.

Top down (flat lay).

90 degree angle, slightly above eye level.


Take close-ups of the details of your product.

Take a full image of your product alone with space around all sides.

Now group that product with other products with complimentary colors.


Before you pick up your cell phone or camera, think about what you want your Instagram feed to look like.  How do you want your products and services featured?  Do you know your brand colors?  I’m going to write another blog giving you ideas for style and ideas.  My brand clients get all the goods when they hire me to help them with birthing their beautiful creation, plus leads to other creatives in the industry that can further them along their entrepreneurial journey.


how-to-take-brand-photos how-to-take-brand-photos how-to-take-brand-photos how-to-take-brand-photos meet-the-artist  how-to-style-brand-photos lighting-for-photos how-to-style-productsstoneware-potteryI helped my friend, Laura Brees of Stoneware Alchemy Ceramics photograph her beautiful stoneware.  I have quite the collection from her!  I also showed her how to set up her own photos and directed her how to take her own photos. 

Check out the BTS Instagram Reel from our time together. I would love to hear what you think!

If you are interested in booking a session with me to photograph you and your brand or one on one lessons, fill out my contact form, I’d love to hear from you and see you pursue your passion.

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