Check out Patricia + Ali's gorgeous summer Airbnb elopement in the Catskills.

Patricia + Ali

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Catskills airbnb elopement

What is Love?

"You see, for all life is an act of faith and an act of gamble.  But this is the most powerful thing that can be done: surrender. See. And love is an act of surrender to another person. Total abandonment. I give myself to you. Take me. Do anything you like with me. See. So, that's quite mad because you see, it's letting things get out of control. All sensible people keep things in control. So, actually, therefore, the course of wisdom, what is really sensible, is to let go, is to commit oneself, to give oneself up and that's quite mad. So we come to the strange conclusion that in madness lies sanity."

Alan Watts

Catskills elopement photographer

Ready for your Catskills Dream Elopement!

I cannot wait to hear your vision for your adventurous catskills, ny elopement!

Get married your way, whether that's on top of a cliff overlooking the valley or deep in the woods by a waterfall. Imagine your day your way, whether that's hiking in the mountains or an Airbnb elopement! Ahh, I cannot wait to help you create your dream day! I have so many ideas and locations in mind.

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