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June is the fairest month of all to have an outdoor intimate wedding and Wickham Park was the perfect setting for Lexy and Frankie.  You may remember their winter engagement where this fearless couple hiked up icy slopes in the cold with microspikes on their boots. Their wedding day was the complete opposite, 90 degrees and sunny. The perfect match for this Texan born bride and Florida raised groom.  They are right at home in the sunshine and heat and they didn’t drop one ounce of sweat because they were too busy smiling.  The only water shed, was a few tears when Frankie saw Lexy for the first time as she walked down the aisle. Those are the moments I live for, to capture that emotion in photos.

When I workout, Lexy notices I’m always smiling and I said that’s because they are so positive and I’m doing something good for myself, even though it can be challenging.  Plus, they are both so motivational and I have them and Brandon to thank for regaining my strength.  They believed in me and gently motivated me to keep being my best. It’s the same with photography, I always try to keep a smile on my face.   I believe we give what we radiate and attract the same in return, magnetic attraction, quantum physics.  I’m lucky to call these two beautiful souls, my friends, along with Brandon who owns Fearless Fitness.  He went online to get ordained and now his new nickname is Preach. Sabrina is also a good friend and happens to be Brandon’s partner.  She owns Allure Traveling Beauty and did Lexy’s make-up for a sweat-free beautiful face.  I’m not kidding when I say Lexy had a flawless face, meanwhile, I was dripping buckets. Emily Skelskey gave Lexy just the mermaid braids she was hoping for and her beautiful gown was from Mariella Creations.

Even my husband was able to attend our friend’s intimate wedding and he took a few videos on my cell phone.  Let’s just say, this was an unforgettable day and I know these two souls will last an eternity together.

Sun + Moon

always revolving

around each other

spinning in this

cosmic galaxy

through eternity.

~corey lynn tucker


Corey Lynn Tucker Photography is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer with an emphasis on travel. She lives with her husband in Connecticut, but her dream is to travel the world and someday hit the road with her husband to head west. Based in New England, Corey is ready to travel for your adventurous hearts and wandering souls. Love is by far the grandest adventure and Corey can’t wait to create artistic, romantic and genuine photos of your love especially for you. Who’s ready to go on an adventure?

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  1. This day was so gorgeous!! It was such a pleasure working with you on this wedding. So beautiful as always Corey!! XO

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