What’s your motivation?

What get’s you out of bed in the morning?  Is it a dream?  Perhaps a goal, motivation, or a desire to go into the unknown territories your body and mind?  It was good fortune our friends from Connecticut who had since moved to California asked us to come for a visit in April.  Mollie and Bill are motivated folks.  Mollie started her own business this year, MUV Physical Therapy & Pilates  and Bill is a talented entrepeneur and has a mind of a wiz kid.  He sold his Amigo Hot Sauce to Flatbread Pizza before they left Connecticut. 

I had never been to Joshua Tree National Park and had this longing to camp out overnight.  Little did I know, we were totally unprepared for the high winds and almost freezing temperatures.  That didn’t stop us from enjoying everything before our eyes, we managed to preoccupy our minds watching climbers scale enormous rock outcroppings in high winds.  If they could push their bodies and furthermore, their minds, to go to these heights, what’s a little cold?  More motivation.

We made camp before dark and enjoyed a fire with our friends before retiring to our tents.  Good thing, my husband is so warm, we snuggled all night against the harsh winds.  I was the first to rise and witness the sunrise, so I got the fire started and prepared the coffee.  After everyone had their morning cup of joe, we decided to go on a hike in the desert.  Upon starting out, we met a kind man, Chris Forman from England.  We chatted the whole 7 mile hike through the desert and learned so much.  He’s not only a chemist, he’s a biologist!  Put that together and you get a nano-biophysicist.  We had the most fascinating conversations along our hike talking about all living things and how even in extreme conditions, like the desert all things grow.  What’s better, we’ve remained in contact with Chris and he did a skype session with George’s 4th grade students to discuss water in his science class.  Honestly, the coolest part of the trip was meeting Chris and getting to know how he wants to create a better world.  There are no coincidences.  He’s living in California now and I’m hoping he will like it enough to stay and do good things for the planet.

Whatever inner voice is knocking, please listen.  Get up, get out of bed, go outside and explore to create!  Travel to meet that stranger who just might change your life (that’s how I met my husband).  Wander to know how the world ticks.  Follow your passions because you never know where that will lead.

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