I have learned that balance is key to success and happiness.  You can work seven days a week doing what you love, but in the end, you will feel tired, worn out, wishing you could spend time out in the sunshine with the one you love instead of sitting at the computer editing photos or whatever it is that you do.  Our bodies and minds need rest.

In my 20’s and 30’s I overextended myself with friends, families, parties, charitable affairs, work, fitness, etc.  I never said no.  Since then, I have stopped being a people pleaser.  I’ve learned not to over commit myself and spread myself thin anymore.  As I moved into my 40’s my energy tank wasn’t as full as it was in my younger days.  I didn’t feel the need to impress everyone with how much I could do or how busy I was anymore.  Who’s keeping score anyway?  What was more important to me was quality of life, not quantity.  My health and well-being became first and foremost.  In my late 20’s, I began receiving massages as often as I could afford to go.  It changed my life, became my way of life and then it became my next career.  Since receiving my massage therapist degree and license when I turned 30, I have been trading with other massage therapists once a week, that’s almost 15 years! 

Photography was the next passion to get ignited in my late 30’s.  I am as whole-hearted about photography as I am massage.  I spend countless hours and days doing what I love.  Getting outdoors to go on hikes, travel and exploration is something else that has become more important to me.  I promised myself to get out at least once a day for a walk.  Fresh air and movement is the best thing for my body and mind.  It motivates and inspires me. 

Besides my own health, my relationship needs attention.  I love spending time with my fiance, George.  A healthy relationship needs to be nurtured so it can grow and prosper.  Just like a flower, it needs sunshine and water, without it, it would die.  We take time out of our hectic lives, amidst the fullness of our schedules and to do lists, to stop and take time out for us, because we know how much we value what we have.  The quality of our relationship makes us both thrive and prosper, we are more than just lovers, we are friends, partners in crime and we inspire one another on a daily basis.  We focus our energy on what we love, and that’s each other first and foremost.

Amidst my busy season, I decided I needed time out to spend with George and enjoy our favorite time of year.  I stepped away from the computer despite the nudges of guilt and we escaped for a country drive.  I thought I would surprise him by starting off with a delicious breakfast at a place he had never been, at The Southfield Store.  After that, we got lost and ended up at Riiska Brook Orchard.  We got out and picked a bag of apples and treated ourselves with an apple cider donut.  You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  The health of our relationship is key.  So what steps will you take to nurture your own life and that of the ones you love?

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