Since 2011, I’ve been making it a tradition to get away on my
birthday.  I want them to be memorable and each year, it just gets
better and better because I get to share it with the one I love. 
Weekend trips are much more affordable and convenient.  My friend, Paula Sistare recommended Airbnb
and this was my first stay at a wonderful cabin in upstate New York
with George.  We traversed the back roads that were filled with burned rust colored fall foliage.  We made it a point to drive down roads we had never been.  It didn’t matter if it took longer, we wanted to explore.  We drove by The Circle Museum Sculpture Park and turned around and went back.  I met a wonderful man, Bijan
who was the artist.  It’s a tremendous sculpture park that you could
literally spend a good chunk of your day exploring.  He was kind enough
to let me take his photo for my 100 strangers project.  He also showed
us his paintings in his gallery which he will be delving into now that
winter is approaching.  Around every bend and hill, we could imagine
ourselves riding our bikes along these routes.  Next time! 

arrived at our destination about 3 hours from when we started and it
was a slice of heaven.  Don’t mind me for saying, but i like to call it cabin porn
A sweet, open cabin, with no electricity or running water, just
everything you need, a wood stove and an outhouse, a comfortable bed and
tremendous views.  I highly recommend Airbnb if you are looking for
adventure and want to explore.  We had a quiet evening of reading,
playing scrabble and choosing our medicine cards all while listening to
the wind howl and the rain gently lull us to sleep on the metal roof. 
It was heavenly!  The cabin had great energy and was so tranquil.  I
woke up early the next morning to catch the sun rise.  It was still
cloudy and very windy.  The clouds soon rolled away and the view was
spectacular.  Our stay kept getting more magical.  I made coffee on the
propane stove outside and George made us steak and eggs for breakfast. 
We packed in our own food to save money.  We snacked on cheese and bread
and peanut butter the day before.  Off we went to hike nearby Lake Moreau
It’s a lovely state park offering camping and all sorts of outdoor
activities.  After that, we headed to Glen Falls and had coffee at The
Spot and then into Saratoga Springs and lunched at The Cantina and enjoyed delicious fish and barbacoa tacos.

wanted to hit the road and enjoy the light as it was waning fast given
the first day of daylight savings.  Knowing we had a 3-hour drive ahead
of us, we took new back roads home and weren’t disappointed with the
rolling hills and views of the Adirondacks and Berkshires, woods and
farm lands.

So grateful for even one night away.  There is affordable, eye-opening experiences to be had just outside your door. 


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