What a way to celebrate our one year anniversary and my Halloween birthday!  My husband and I have been up to our eye balls in work which is a good thing.  No complaints other than finding time to spend with one another would be a bonus, so this weekend, we did just that.  Unplugged for the most part, slept in, read books, sipped coffee and had an adventurous Rhode Island coastal tour letting our hearts lead the way.  We love going down new roads and exploring places we’ve never been,  imagining what it’s like to live in the places we visit.  I was really impressed with all the land trusts and farmlands along the coast.  The houses were spread out between woods, farm and coastal, just perfect without urban sprawl.

I have so much catching up to do from former trips we’ve taken and more to come from this New England gem.  For now, visit the lovely Copper Lantern in Middletown, RI, minutes from Newport and all the pretty countryside. 

Speaking of countryside, it so happens that I was reading a book by author, Michelle Maingot Cabral called “Walking Away – Waking up from The American Dream.”  She is friends with my parents and they gifted us the book to read.  A former Rhode Island native, she and her husband moved north to the great woods of Maine to live off the grid.  I would highly recommend this book if you are looking to unplug.

The Copper Lantern is over 200 years old, very comfortable, warm and inviting including our lovely hosts.

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