Part I – The Enchanted House

George had the week off from school and instead of going to a warm, exotic place after this long, cold winter, we escaped to the beautiful Shawgunk Mountains in High Falls, NY, very close to New Paltz where the Mohonk Mountain House is located.  I stayed there for my birthday 5 years ago and fell in love with the land.  I looked for a place in the area so we could hike the Mohonk Preserve every day and explore the local arts, antiques and food.  Might I add, we didn’t need to spend a ton of money we don’t have.  We were pleasantly surprised with summer like temperatures.  Had I known, I would have brought shorts. 

After searching Airbnb, as soon as I saw Sterrett’s home filled with art and antiques, I knew it was just the place for us.  Sitting high on the mountain overlooking the valley you can see the Mohonk Mountain house just 20 minutes away in New Paltz.  Sterrett has four beautiful homes she has lovingly restored and rents out to guests.  Each one unique to suit your needs, from one person to a whole family.

When we arrived, Sterrett welcomed us in the driveway and gave us the tour.  The first thing I noticed was the scent of the lemon blossoms.  It was so inviting and hypnotic.  Each room is painted in a happy primary color, yellow, red and blue.  Even on a cloudy day, it’s cheerful.  There is a wonderful assortment of books to read.  The TV didn’t get turned on once.  The first night we arrived, we visited the local food co-op and stocked up on healthy, delicious goodies.  The light that pours through her home and views are out of sight.  I can only imagine what her gardens must look like in the summer.  She has lovely grounds and an assortment of vegetables growing in her garden.  One night she worked until dark thinning out her strawberry garden and the morning we left, she gave me starters for my own garden.  Waste not, want not.  Sterrett has now spread the magic to our own corner of paradise.  That’s what I noticed the most, nature was inside her home, not separate from it.  Even her book collection resonated with gardening, art and nature.  I didn’t have to look far before I chose the perfect book to read, “The Re-enchanchment of Everyday Life” by Thomas Moore.

I felt like the Princess and the Pea, the bed was so comfortable and the whirlpool tub was a welcome sight after long days of hiking.

So grateful to be refreshed, renewed and connected to the land.  

More to come in Part II.  Stay tuned.

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