I’m committed to painting the picture of your love story as authentically as possible, because like the sunset, no couple is the same.

Kind Words


Your love knows no bounds, and neither do my elopement packages. From Morocco to Maine, I’ll be there to capture your love on camera.

Sunset Elopement





We’ll Zoom to talk about your preferences (beer or wine, mountains vs. ocean, and more). I’ll tell you all about how I can help bring your vision to life.

After our call, I’ll send your personalized quote and contract to sign. Once booked, you’ll receive an email from me with all of our next steps clearly outlined plus all of my exclusive client-only guides.

And for me, let the location scouting, building your timeline around the best possible lighting, and researching logistics begin!

It’s (finally) time to embark on the best day of your life! You’ll enjoy your ceremony with your partner and your closest loved ones, and I’ll be there to document your entire day, using sunlight as a guide and blissful nature as a background.

Once the honeymoon suitcases have been unpacked, and you’re settling into your life with your love, you’ll receive your complete wedding photo gallery within 6-8 weeks of your ceremony. (Don’t worry, I’ll send you a sneak peeks before then too!)

You’ll have full printing rights to the entire gallery, and you’ll get access to my print shop right here on my site for optimum convenience. You’ll have plenty of gorgeous photos to choose from!

+ 4 hours up to multi-day coverage

+ personalized location scouting

+ photography timeline planning

+ access to my elopement planning +

leave no trace guide

+ vendor recommendations

+ online gallery + printing rights

+ travel included



Most couples invest between-$5,000–$9,000


Follow, follow the sun and which way the wind blows when the day is done. Breathe, breathe in the air set your intentions dream with care.

Journey with us on a sunrise elopement in Acadia National Park, Maine



From weddings, maternity, newborn and milestones along your life's journey, we are here to capture it all. Team CLT photographs weddings in New England and anywhere else you venture to!

Genuine, real moments are what we strive to document.  You’ll feel at ease, leaving you with natural, authentic images of your love.

Eolia Spring Wedding




With Corey as your point of contact from booking, timelines and editing your photos, you get the wedding aesthetic you dream about as well as the positive, joyful and effortless wedding experience you’ve been searching for.  We are passionate about putting couples at ease and documenting your day as it authentically unfolds giving you that unposed, true to you feeling when you look back at your photographs.  We offer editorial, artistic and journalistic photography by an adventurous and joyful photography team!

From weddings, maternity, newborn and milestones along your life's journey, we are here to capture it all.

Visit our gorgeous natural light studio in New Hartford, CT or we can come to your home right after your babe is born. 

Interested in getting out for an adventure? We have plenty of dreamy spots to recommend!

Team CLT photographers have been trained by Corey and have been by her side as a second photographer, taken her workshops and mentorship


Learn About Team CLT



Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

What lights you up?

People give me energy, I love experiencing things with others. My love of people is what inspired me to begin photography and I never looked back.  Documenting the connection of my couples lights me up!

What do you love about working with couples?

I love being able to help couples focus on their relationship and capturing their love at that moment in time. This day is one they will cherish forever, and to be able to document that is an honor.

Happy place?

I’m happiest at just about any beach! And besides that, the Quabbin Reservoir. This is where I am most at peace.

Your Astrological Sign?


Your Love Language?

Quality Time and Gift Giving

What lights you up?

I love all outdoor activities and baking. As a child, I had dreams of opening a bakery. Now I enjoy making treats to share with my family, friends, and coworkers. When I'm not baking, I love biking and hiking!!

What do you love about working with couples?

I love getting to learn their love stories. I am a hopeless romantic (& a big fan of cheesy romance novels), so I love hearing every bit of it.

Your happy place?

In terms of a specific place, I would say New Hampshire, but in a more general sense, my happy place is camping whenever I'm with my whole family (cousins + all!).

Your Astrological Sign?


Your Love Language?

Gift Giving




Family Photographer

Our whole team is dedicated to artfully documenting moments that truly show love between couples, family, and friends.

What Lights You Up?

When someone has that “ahah” moment from something you told them, taught them or showed them.

What do you love about working with families?

I love, love!

Your happy place?

By the water, a gentle hike, being in a studio or on stage

Your Astrological Sign?


Your Love Language?

Touch and Words of Affirmation

Interested in working with Team CLT?


Adventure Sessions

Tenerife Adventure Sessions

That’s exactly it. True love. Nothing more, nothing less. These are perfect for your proposal, engagement, anniversary, or your plain and simple just-because-we’re-in-love.




Once you’ve decided to book an adventure session with me, I’ll send you a personalized questionnaire to learn more about what interests are, so I can base our shoot location off of those interests. We’ll talk it out over Zoom, and I’ll send you all the details that you’ll need to prepare!

All I ask from you is that you be yourselves, relax, and have FUN! Adventure sessions are meant to bring out your most free, beautiful selves, and to depict your love story in the most authentic light. Because you’ll be in your element (with your love, out in the wild), being yourself will come effortlessly.

(But if you’re a little nervous about posing for the camera – don’t worry, that’s normal, and I’ve got your back. I’ll give you plenty of direction on posing, and I know exactly what to say to make you laugh.)

After your adventure session, well, the adventure continues! As you and your love keep on enjoying life together, I’ll be working behind the scenes to create your gallery. Within 6-8 weeks, you’ll have all of your photos, and you’ll be able to print any (or all!) of them via my print shop.

STARTS AT $1,000

*cannot be applied for elopements.


Are you craving a trip to a wild, mystical place for your wedding? When you choose to elope in Morocco, you’re choosing to elope in the most magical place in the world.




Your day

We’ll Zoom to get to know each other, and talk about how freaking excited we are to go to the desert together. Then, you’ll pick your date, select your package, and get ready to confess your love under the Moroccan sun. I’ll provide you with a list of what to pack, and recommendations for your wedding vendors. Everything you need will be outlined for you in my How To Elope In Morocco Handbook, which I’ll send your way as soon as you’ve booked your elopement.

My flights and lodging accommodations are included, and you don’t have to compensate me with any additional fees for this. I will arrive two days prior to you, to scout out the location of your elopement ceremony and give myself a buffer in case of any unforeseen circumstances or changes.

Your wedding photo gallery will arrive within 6-8 weeks. Until then, enjoy your time with your new partner, and gush to all your friends about how gorgeous Morocco was (and about how you can’t wait to go back)! Oh, and of course, I’ll be sending you a sneak peek of your photos soon after you say “I do!” because – if I’m being honest – I’m sure I’m going to be ecstatic about editing them.

Enjoy an intimate celebration of your love and everything you’ve dreamed it would be. I’ll be by your side to capture the entire day, smiling from ear to ear the entire time.


STARTS AT $12,000


Ready to make your dream a reality?

Husband + Wife

You, your love, and an all-access pass to the greatest adventure of your life.

This package is for you if you want to take your elopement one step further.

Do you like surprises? If you’ve made it to this corner of my website, then you’re a real adventurer – and I hope more than anything that you click that ‘count me in’ button below, because I want to meet you one day!

This surprise elopement experience was designed specifically for you: the no-fear, all-in, let’s-do-this type of couple.

One of the best parts about eloping is the intimacy element. This experience is meant for you to enjoy an adventure of a lifetime, just the two of you. Well, the two of you, your crazy committed photographer (hi – that’s me!), and your officiant (conveniently, my husband).

Here's how it works:

and indicate that you’re down for the surprise of the century – now you’re in good hands! I always respond to inquiries within 48 hours.
When I receive your email, because this package is one of the freaking coolest parts of my job (second to meeting you, obviously).
made in heaven, the fun begins. We’ll Zoom to talk about the details of everything, and you can ask me any questions you have about the experience.
is completed, I’ll take your desired details and turn them into plans. You can sit back and relax while your dreams come true. I look for the best AirBnb rentals, scour my favorite resources for the most magical locations, all the while keeping your interests front and center.
I’ll take your desired details and turn them into plans. You can sit back and relax while your dreams come true. I look for the best AirBnb rentals, scour my favorite resources for the most magical locations, all the while keeping your interests front and center.
I give you all the details you need, and you have the green light to start packing! One month before your day, we’ll have the big location reveal and celebrate via an adventure session or a Zoom party. You’ll have at least 30 days to prepare your wardrobe and travel plans based on the environment, temperature, and scheduled activities.
Say “I do,” kiss your love, and begin your life together with the most epic surprise adventure. This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The final step in this process is, of course, ENJOY YOURSELF!

love notes

“Your ability to capture nature, both in terms of the gorgeous landscapes (that light!) and in terms of the couple is amazing. We're not the most comfortable in front of a camera, so we liked that the couples in your photos always look relaxed and natural and like they're having fun!”

"If you are looking for the most creative, down to earth and personable photographer, look no further! We fell in love with her vision and made a friend. She truly captures every meaningful moment.  We will cherish our photos for a lifetime.

“COREY! I mean, holy shit. These images are just perfection. So cool and beautiful and badass. What a breath of fresh air! I so needed this gallery today. I am obsessed, and I can’t wait to share the hell out of these. You are a visionary.”