Sedona Elopement Guide

January 7, 2020

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Wowzers!! I’m obsessed with how comforting these images are. I feel like I can just slip into this landscape & feel totally at peace.

Sedona is such a magical place for elopements!

Looks like you had an amazing adventure in Sedona and I totally agree that you’ve found some amazing spots for couples to elope!

Man, I absolutely love Sedona and you have captured this stunning place beautifully.

This makes me want to take a road trip!! Sedona is one amazing place

This blog post hits the nail on the head! Sedona is such an amazing place – full of adventure, relaxation and gorgeous scenery which makes it such a great place to elope!

Love these! I’ve always wanted to visit Sedona. Looks like a perfect place to elope!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful images and guide! I LOVE Red Rock and have always wanted to go!

Been wanting to go to Sedona for so long! What a perfectly pretty place!

Sedona is such a dream! Love that red rock and dirt; talk about elopement goals in Arizona!

What a freakin fun road trip! Gah, I love Sedona! You make it look so beautiful too! That view from the top of Cathedral Rock is out of this world. I can’t get over the inside of your van, I love the wood and your comforter ha. My favorite photo on this post has to be that awesome reflection you made!

Thank you for your thoughtful reflection. It was amazing Kaci! Even on gray days the colors pop in Sedona. xo