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Say what?  Online dating photographer?  What’s this all about?  Guess what, most of my couples that are getting married have met online.  A lot of my portrait clients have used their professional photos on dating sites and have had great feedback from their photos.  Why not stand out from all the rest and have a professional story of who you are shine through.  We can set up a manifest session that features your personality and interests.  More than just headshots from standing in front of a bathroom mirror with terrible lighting or car selfies.  Let’s face it, we all have a two-second attention span when we search online.  A potentially good catch could have been passed over because of terrible photography.  Imagine if they had professional photos how that might change your perspective.

Listen, I’ve been there too.  About 10 years ago, I also used an online dating service.  However, I posted professional photos I had taken of myself and guess what, it attracted the type of creatives I was looking for.  No, I didn’t marry him, but I did get into professional photography thanks to that person in my life.  You never know until you try.  I believe in taking risks, making yourself vulnerable and doing what you love.  As a wedding photographer, it only made sense for me to help you set clear intentions for the kind of lover you want to attract.  I believe that if you love yourself and do what you love, you will attract your best friend and incredible human. I want that for you.  Life is about sharing our experiences and moments together.

Be you, let your personality shine. Set your intentions for the partner you want to manifest in your life and imagine the possibilities.  Your manifest session will be liberating and empowering. Create a buzz and watch the bees flock to your beautiful flower. Let’s create something unique, just like you, together.

Your session will last one hour in a location of your choice that suits your interests.  Up to three outfit changes for diversity and bring your pet, your bike, your guitar, etc.  Whatever your interests, let’s talk about it!  I believe there is more than enough love to go around in this world.  When we think with an abundant mindset, we can change the world.  E-mail me here to set up your manifest session.  Let’s create some magic and use the power of love for good.

Here’s just an example of the love you can find from online dating. In a city as large as New York you would think it’s easy to meet people.  In fact, it’s not, it’s even harder with all the hustle and bustle.  Narrow your parameters and hone in on who you are and who you vibe with.  What do you love to do?  Share that with me and let’s create your story.

Portland, Oregon is also a pretty cool spot to meet folks, but alas, these two met online as well.  See how much fun you can have with online dating!

Corey lynn tucker photography Corey Lynn tucker photography

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