You would have never known it was the end of October by the way Emily and TJ’s heated up Old Saybrook for their beach engagement.  I suggested they run on the beach to build up their internal fire and then TJ quickly scooped Emily up into his arms and lots of laughter and passion ensued.   They made me forget it was chilly when they braved the the cold rocks and sand barefoot all with smiles and laughter on their faces.

Old Saybrook means the world to Emily because that is where she grew up.  Fond memories are always had on the shoreline and we shared childhood stories of our beach trips.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know this compassionate couple and cannot wait to share in the joy of their wedding day with friends and family capturing all the candid moments.

It’s no wonder they chose Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial in Waterford, CT for their wedding this weekend.  We have beautiful summer weather predicted and I cannot wait to see these two sweethearts again.  We are going to run to the beach for golden hour portraits, a must have on Emily’s wish list.  I am thrilled for their new life together and all they have planned for their wedding day!

See you soon lovers!


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