Oh Hey, 2018 you’ve been good to me, thank you for making dreams come true!  I’m so grateful for my kind couples with hearts of gold and to all the fabulous wedding vendors that made their wedding day so memorable. Teamwork makes dreamwork.  Here you’ll find joy the resounding quality that speaks the loudest in my highlight reel from the year!

2018 year in review

I’m so grateful 2018 brought me to several states and different countries that I set as my intentions at the beginning of the year. Going to Cuba and Guatemala had to be the highlight of my year.  It’s where I want to go to share the beautiful countries and culture with my couples who want to elope, have an intimate wedding or have an anniversary session.

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My word for 2018 was inclusivity because I want everyone to feel included and be a part of a community without feeling excluded.  Everyone is unique, talented and has gifts to offer, voices to be heard and mostly to be seen and recognized.  I taught my first CLT Inclusive Photographers Workshop in March that taught new wedding photographers how to flow through a wedding day with ease and grace.  It gave me the courage and belief in myself that I could share my knowledge and help others to get started in wedding photography without struggling the way I did when I began.  I’m excited that 2019 will bring new courses and one-on-one mentorships!  I’ve begun monthly photo art tours, free event photographers can join! Sign up to my e-mail news list to get notifications!

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I appreciate the relationships I have built in 2018 and it’s my wish to connect with you even more deeply for 2019. With over 62,000 loves, these were your favorites from my Instagram posts.  While some of these photos were taken in 2017, it goes to show what style and how my work calls to you.  I value every ounce of feedback because that’s how I learn and grow.


I also began a traveling dress project, #pasiondeviajar with a ethically-made dress by Spell + The Gypsy Collective.  Women from around the world have worn this dress and looked and felt like a goddess.  I wanted to show various ways in which one dress could tell a story based on their environment, season and individual personality could give meaning to such a beautiful dress.  Stay tuned for a yearly wrap-up showcasing the stories of so many amazing women.  Sustainability is important to me, it speaks in fashion and most importantly, plastic.  I’m happy to say that I’m offering plastic-free weddings to my couples in 2019!  When they make the plastic-free pledge, they receive a complimentary engagement session!  So far, I have 6 couples that have signed up and I couldn’t be more excited that just by me introducing the idea got couples excited to think about their own wedding differently.

plastic-free wedding-corer Lynn tucker photography


2019 is just a day away and I’m setting my intentions again because thoughts without action are just dreams.  It’s the action that makes your thoughts become reality. Stay tuned for more illuminated, emotional storytelling that connects you to the world around you.

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