My husband and I are trying to lead a minimal life and that is continuing to be our focus moving into 2018.  Instead of exchanging tangible gifts for Christmas, we decided a cozy unplugged getaway would be more memorable. We enjoy experiences over things.  For the month of December, I participated in The Minimalists #minsgame challenge. I had to get rid of the number of things corresponding to the date on the calendar every day for the month of December.  It became a daily ritual, one I enjoyed immensely and look forward to doing more of as we move into January.  That being said, we packed lightly for our trip, but I still have a long way to go, especially in the winter months when layering and gear is essential.

On Christmas morning, we woke up to a beautiful fresh fallen snow and it stopped just in time for us to head north to Massachusetts.  We took the quiet back roads, not a car in sight. If only every day could be this enjoyable when you get behind the wheel of your car driving on scenic roads through winter wonderland.  When we arrived at our Airbnb, Peter had the wood stove cranking, a loaf of cinnamon bread ready to be toasted and a refrigerator full of  local organic goodies.  If that wasn’t enough, he treated us to his homemade bouillabaisse he made for his family on Christmas night.  As soon as we settled in, I found Walden by Henry David Thoreau on his book shelf and hunkered in for the evening.  I enjoyed an epsom salt and essential oil bath both nights and watched Jim and Andy on Netflix. The correlations with Thoreau’s book, Jim Carrey’s outlook on life and my efforts for a more minimalist life are no coincidence. Everything was falling into place exactly as it should be, no plans, just relax and decompress with my husband.

I grew up with a wood stove and it was a treat to get the fire going every morning and keep it burning.  I’m hoping to have a stove in our own home sooner than later.  It’s been a wish of mine since I bought my house 10 years ago. Boy time flies. The more self sufficient we can be, the better, especially if the power should go out. After I got the fire going, I prepared fresh ground, dark roast coffee in our stainless steel French press.  That travels with us everywhere. We enjoyed more reading while we sipped our coffee and wandered 30 minutes away to Northampton.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Jakes and walked to Le BonNton to visit my friend Chi Cha.  She imports items from Turkey and Africa and supports local artists.  Her husband was visiting from Istanbul and we shared Turkish coffee together. Before we left town, my husband stopped in Turn It Up and bought some CDs and cassette tapes. On our way back to Plainfield, we stopped at DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Forest and hiked the snow-packed trails. It was so peaceful and quiet. We’ll definitely have to check this spot out for a camping adventure in the warmer months. We grabbed Chinese take-out and after dinner, we turned off the lights and enjoyed the glow of the fire and half moon through the skylight taking in the sounds of Charles Brown.  I couldn’t think of a more relaxing, unplugged vacation with my husband.  I highly recommend at least two nights away to disconnect and recharge your batteries.

Speaking of getaways, I can’t wait to share what we did the next day in my next blog post!  More ideas for beautiful destinations coming your way.

“Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity”


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  1. Corey, I knew I would feel extra good when I started reading and looking at your blog! Expectations more than met!Thanks for sharing! It was a great way to start my day. Wishes for Happiest Of New Years!

    1. Thank you John. That means a lot. I’m happy to have my new web site up and running so I can blog about all the wonderful moments. Happy New Year to you and your lovely wife. ❤️

  2. It’s perfect Corey! Makes me want to visit immediately! Thank you for sharing and glad you and George had an equally peaceful and happy Christmas away.

    1. Thank you Rachel! Yay, that’s an effective blog then. Rowan would have a place to cuddle on the couch or just you and John could get away. Hope your holiday was relaxing and Happy New Year my friend. xo ❤️


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