Litchfield’s Best Kept Secret | Topsmead Historic Engagement | New York Wedding Photographer

Litchfield has a secret and I’m so grateful to take my couples to Topsmead historic estate for Mark and Julie’s engagement. It’s one of my favorite destinations throughout all the seasons. I was just there on Friday for not one, but two portrait sessions because spring is in full bloom! I was sad to see my favorite wisteria vine gone. The park is in the process of renovating the estate so if you go, you may find construction vehicles.

Mark and Julie drove to Connecticut from New York for their fall engagement and we had the most magical, golden love session at this historic estate. As we wandered through the woods and field, I looked up in excitement and said, “Look at the moon!” and we all laughed. Our connections are similar, a love for nature, plant medicine, the outdoors and all things magical. Mark was even wearing a sun pendant and of course, Julie represents the moon. I couldn’t be more excited to capture their beautiful wedding in a few weeks at another historic gem in Connecticut, The Keeler Tavern. See you soon lovers!

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