As a couple, you might be wondering where to even begin to plan for a plastic-free wedding?   Let me plant the seed for you to want to have a plastic-free wedding.  I’m so lucky I’ve booked six couples for 2019 that have taken the plastic-free wedding pledge.  In return, I’m gifting them a complimentary engagement session as a way to say thank you for being kind to mama earth and connecting them with wedding vendors who believe in sustainability.  It’s as simple as asking your wedding venue to hold the plastic water bottles, straws, stirrers and more.  I can help you with that conversation.

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If you invite 150 people to your wedding and each person drinks out of a plastic cup, with a plastic straw or has a cocktail with plastic stirrer or drinks from plastic water bottles, guess how much plastic waste that produces?  By having a plastic-free wedding, we can reduce our impact on the planet.  Read my friend, Kendra’s blog on Whole Weddings to learn more.  I joined her on our #plasticfreejuly journey and together we’ve been working to create a sustainable community.  You can join us at Eco-ethical + Zero Waste Wedding Community group on Facebook!

Plastic lasts up to 200 years or more.  Never mind if it’s recycled or not. Most of it ends up in our oceans having a tremendous impact on the health of our water and aquatic life, killing species by choking them or consuming plastic instead of natural, living things.  As humans, we then eat the fish from the ocean and we are actually consuming plastic.  Ew!  Do you know about BPAs?  They are harmful chemicals that leach out of plastic containers, bottles that can cause cancer.  Do you know how much plastic waste is in our oceans?  By clicking on all of these links, I’ve provided you with some facts about plastic.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you’d like to be a part of the solution.  Every action we take has a ripple effect.  I’m passionate about sustainable love and our planet.  Won’t you join me in making the plastic-free pledge for your wedding!

Let’s get hippie with Joss Stones beautiful song, “Oceans” and get inspired.

Here’s some ideas to for you when planning your plastic-free wedding.

Collect glasses from antique stores, goodwill or tag sales. Glasses are a wonderful way to serve guests at your reception or hire a rental company to provide you with glasses.


If you need to sip with a straw, choose paper or bring your own metal straw.  Choose bamboo, wood or even spagetti to stir your drink.

plastic-free wedding

Serve refreshing drinks or water in glass containers or have water pitchers at each table. Self-serve stations are the best!



plastic free wedding - coreylynntucker


Choose linen napkins with ceramic plates and silverware. Everything is washable, not disposable. These can easily be rented for your event if the venue doesn’t provide them. I can connect you!

plastic free wedding - coreylynntucker

I’m happy to connect you with sustainable wedding vendors who have the environment in mind.  This relates to plantable wedding invitations, vs. foil wraps, organic make-up and hair dye, sustainable fashion, seasonal flowers for your wedding arrangements, local, organic food for catering and more!  I work with a tremendous team of talented wedding vendors that have the same ideals about the environment and are doing what they can to make a difference in the wedding industry.

Thank you for working with me to maintain a healthy planet and live a sustainable life, together we can all make a difference!

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