Mark and Julie wanted an English garden intimate wedding that was ethereal, romantic, and a day reminiscent of the early 1900s with lots of flowers and herbs. They found the perfect setting at The Keeler Tavern, in Ridgefield, CT. Their day was not only magical, it was sacred.  Even more refreshing is that it was so close to their home, just over the border in New York, that it made getting ready at the couples house a breeze.  All of their personal touches really felt like home.

Julie saw that I had pulled medicine and tarot cards in the morning through my instastories and asked about it.  I told her that I like to set intentions for the day and have been picking cards for years. Knowing she and I share similar interests, such as herbs, plants and all things mystical. I asked her if she had her own tarot deck.  Sure enough, she did. Palo Santo was lit which cleared the energy for her to set her intentions for this special day.  Picking the card of cups confirmed her positive feelings and set the tone for an incredible day.  I had a similar experience with my chosen cards, the hummingbird represents joy and the ace of cups, which means a happy and healthy home.

Keeler Tavern is an exquisite venue for an intimate wedding. We were surrounded by bountiful roses and golden sunlight, which added to this magical experience.  Everything about their wedding was practically English. Mark’s heritage, the gardens, her gown and her shoes fit the English theme.  Julie gifted Mark an 1800’s working pocket watch with a photo of them in the locket. Not to be outdone, Mark gave her a raven necklace worn in the times of Oden.  What really struck me was the note he wrote and sealed with his own wax sun seal.  He even made the box for her necklace.

Honestly, it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for the intentions and positive vibes set by their friends and family.  I was moved to tears by Tova’s women’s circle in the bridal suite focusing on the present moment and wishing all the best for their friend, Julie before she walked down the aisle.

Julie has studied herbs and flowers and creates her own essential oils and organic skincare line, Earth Element NY, so the magic and healing herbs was an essential part of their ceremony.  They had an herbal blessing that their parents participated in. Each symbolic herb has a special meaning and healing powers, Lavender, Basil, Sage, and Rosemary were blended together in a mortar and pestle (see captions under the photos for meanings).  Nothing went to waste, Julie even took the flower arrangements home and is drying them for all sorts of projects.  She gifted her bridesmaids pressed florals with their initial that she handmade.  Mark presented his groomsmen with an exquisite letter opener.

You should have heard The Early Bird Jazz Band as everyone danced. It was truly reminiscent of a time gone by. Thank you for keeping romance and history alive and most of all, inviting me to bottle up the magic for you to remember for a lifetime.  This is your history book and I can’t wait to read the chapters as they unfold.


Venue | Keeler Tavern, Ridgefield, CT
Dress | Catherine Deane
Hair + Makeup | Salon Doriano
Shoes | Rachel Simpson Shoes
Flowers | Farmhouse Flowers
Caterer | Emily’s Catering Group
Band | Early Bird Jazz Band

Corey Lynn Tucker Photography is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer with an emphasis on travel. She lives with her husband in Connecticut, but her dream is to travel the world and someday hit the road with her husband to head west. Based in New England, Corey is ready to travel for your adventurous hearts and wandering souls. Love is by far the grandest adventure and Corey can’t wait to create artistic, romantic and genuine photos of your love especially for you. Who’s ready to go on an adventure?


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  1. What an incredibly beautiful wedding! I loved every single image I feel like every one told an amazing story. This is serious wedding tog goals for me.


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