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How To Go Plastic-Free! Take The Plastic-Free Pledge To Enter The Giveaway!

Wondering where to start to go plastic-free?  While I’m not 100% plastic-free, I’m far better than I was last year when I officially started this journey. I’ve been composting my food for 15 years. I grow my own organic food and support my local farms.  I bring my own bags to the grocery store and buy organic.  To be honest, sometimes I forget my bags.  I bring my own drinking vessel and if I’m dining in, drink from their mugs or cups.  Sometimes I even bring my own utensils and #choosetorefuse the plasticware most establishments still offer.

plastic free

Every year 8.8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans.
150 million metric tons already float in our oceans.
The 2nd most common piece of trash found on our beaches is a plastic bottle.
1500 plastic bottles are sent to landfills every second
Plastic bottles are made from crude oil. 74% of plastic bottles are not recycled.

I have tons of resources in this blog to offer as alternatives to plastic.  I am happy to team up with my eco-friendly community who are here to help you on your plastic-free journey. We are offering a giveaway to say thank you for joining us and making this a #betterplanet! Head to my Instagram post to learn how to enter our Giveaway!

Our Way of Saying Thank You for Reducing Your Plastic Consumption 

One hour portrait session on August 4 | Corey Lynn Tucker Photography
2 Reusable Metal straws
6-pack of Boxed Water
Reusable Bags | Whole Weddings
Compostable plates | Karmic Seed
Upcycled Jacket Painted with Beautiful Art | Black Tulip Calligraphy

Last year, I joined my friend, Kendra of Whole Weddings for the Plastic-Free July challenge and it encouraged me to think more globally about how I could get others involved besides my own efforts.  I began offering Plastic-Free Weddings and encouraging my couples to start thinking differently about reducing their plastic footprint.  I have over 20 couples signed up!  Imagine on average, 150 guests at each wedding how much waste that would be? By choosing to refuse plastic straws, stirrers, cups, utensils, flatware and balloons, they are keeping our oceans cleaner and I can’t thank them enough.  To learn more about having a Plastic-Free Wedding, I’ve put together a guide and you can see my latest feature on The Venue Report.

plastic free guide

I’ve been working with Kendra since we met in 2014 and I’ve ordered plantable paper from her for my business cards, thank you cards and share her work with my couples for stationary, invitations, menus, place cards and more.  She is my eco-warrior sister and she created quite a few platforms on Facebook for her  Eco+Ethical Zero Waste Wedding Community for Couples + Vendors to find ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

plastic free ideas

Karmic Seed Creates sustainable products made from agricultural waste in an effort to help restore the environment and create social change.  They are a terrific resource for ordering plastic-free alternatives.

plastic free ideas

Black Tulip Calligraphy and I have also been working on several projects together and she thinks sustainably.  I love the way she packages her items she ships to me and reduces and reuses items she creates art with.  She sources locally to support her community.

calligraphy jacket

Boxed Water has generously supplied me with water for our trash challenge clean-up and our Plastic-Free July challenge to keep our oceans clean!  They also want to help you find ways to reduce plastic waste.  Join the movement.

boxed water is better

Ideas for Going Plastic Free

  1. Choose to Refuse lids, straws, caps or any single-use plastic.
  2. Give up bottled water + beverages in plastic
  3. Bring your own bag(s)
  4. Carry your own drinking vessel
  5. Carry your own aluminum, glass or wheat straw
  6. Dining in, ask for ceramic or glass cups, flatware, silverware
  7. Dining out, pack your own glass tupperware to take your to-go goodies
  8. Buy items in bulk and carry your own containers to package your items to reduce plastic.
  9. Support your local farms, farmers markets and source your food locally.
  10. Make your own cleaning products
  11. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap
  12. Compost food waste
  13. 89 more ideas if you click here!

plastic free bottles

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and considering the idea of going plastic-free.  Remember, every little bit helps.  It’s not about perfection, it’s progress.  If 100 people in our community all chipped in, we would make a world of difference.  How can you be a part of the solution and get involved?

I’ve been talking to local businesses and asking them to skip the straw when serving drinks.  My former bride who manages J. Timothy’s has already make a huge difference in reducing the amount of plastic-waste at their restaurant.  Dom’s, a local coffee shop is also taking steps to cut back on plastic and single-use.  Never forget that your voice has the power to raise awareness and effect change.  I want to encourage you to pick your passion in life and use your super powers for good, whatever that may be.  I believe you can make a difference.  Thank you for joining us.

Take the Plastic-Free Challenge with us and get all the tools and ideas you need to help you on your PF journey.




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