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10 Reasons Having a First Look Creates a Stress-Free Wedding


A lot of couples wonder if it’s a good idea to have a first look.  I can say, Hell Yes!  I’ve been a wedding and elopement photographer and have several years of experience photographing my couples special day.  I can give you at least 10 reasons why you should have a first look for an effortless wedding or elopement. If you’re looking for a reaction, believe, me, you’re going to get it, not once, but twice!

Your wedding is a chance to have your day, your way.  Don’t worry about following tradition, consider what’s important to you and the meaning behind why you are getting married in the first place. Who wants to rush through their wedding day and be stressed out?  It will show in your photos, trust me.

If you are wondering what’s the point of having a first look, well, here are 10 reasons off the top of my head.  And no, a first look doesn’t ruin the magic of your ceremony.  I’ve seen couples cry at their first look and the ceremony!

  1. More time for photos of you and your beloved, Yay!
  2. Privacy to share your deepest feelings without an audience.
  3. If don’t like to be the center of attention, a first look is for you!
  4. Consider reading your vows at your first look to share even more intimate moments.
  5. Take bridal party and family portraits before your ceremony, so you can relax and enjoy your day.
  6. Double bonus–you get to experience those feelings all over again when your partner walks down the aisle!  You’d be surprised the emotions I’ve seen not once, but twice!  It’s a beautiful thing!
  7. You’ve invested in a beautiful day, don’t miss seeing those gorgeous creations. After your ceremony, take a stroll into your reception area before joining your guests.
  8. Avoid getting hangry. Enjoy visiting with your loved ones and savor that scrumptious food and signature cocktails.
  9. Take a moment with your partner and join your photographer for 10-15 getaway to chase the sunset.
  10. Relax and be a part of your day.  You’ll be happy you had a first look.

Here are some beautiful moments full of excitement, joy, and emotion from first looks I’ve photographed over the years.

Making time together and alone is precious.  Time is of the essence on your wedding day and I want you to feel at ease and have a stress-free day. Before we continue, let me put a disclaimer–my couples are not required to do the first look. It’s only a suggestion based on experience.  I’ve seen the benefits of a first look over and over again and I want to share my experience with you since you’ve never been married before.

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