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Reliving the magic of capturing the enchanting Acadia elopement (with Super 8 film!) of Briana + Zach, I am reminded of the special place Maine holds in my heart. As an artist behind the lens, these photographs beautifully depict the essence and splendor of this beloved second home. While we had hoped for sunny skies, the light rain and mist gracefully worked their magic, casting an ethereal touch upon their elopement. The weather created a mystical atmosphere that perfectly complemented the love and connection shared by our couples. Luckily for B + Z we had them scheduled for an all-day, 8 hour elopement from sunrise to sunset!

I know not everyone is an early bird, but my mantra is: you're only getting married once, might as well make it a heart-flutterin' memory, right? By booking my all-day elopement package - we were able to spread out the days activities and leave room to enjoy the best day of their life! Why rush through the memories when you can slow down and soak it all in - from dawn til dusk! Not sold on the idea of expanding your elopement over the entire day? We'll dive deeper into why its the best solution to a rushed and stressful wedding day!

PS: You can now add on a Super 8 Film to your elopement photography package with me! Keep on scrolling to see the romantic foggy Super 8 Elopement video of Bri + Zach!

Briana + Zach's Foggy Sunrise in Acadia

Bri + Zach wanted a wedding that was low-stress, intimate, flowy, and FUN. Which is how they settled on an elopement. They wanted to be deeply connected, to each other and the environment. Feelings in mind first and then find things that fit. Lots of happy tears. While they had never been to Acadia before, they're huge national park people and had been planning to move to Maine in the near future. As Bri put it: "Why feel the need to escape when we can make memories in our [future] back yard." I love that.

They did have the common struggles of breaking the news to the family - but with my guide on How to Tell your Family You're Eloping they managed to do so with less stress! I was so excited to help them plan out their elopement in a National Park I know so well. Based on their answers to the questionnaire I sent them a custom built their timeline and private locations!

Bri + Zach's Elopement Timeline

Getting Ready - Airbnb

First look in the fog (no sunrise, still beautiful) - location 1

Ceremony - location 2

Breakfast picnic + read letters from family

Portraits + explore - location 3

Relax during day/nap

Meet up

Rent Bikes - carriage roads bike ride - location 4

Ice Cream in town - MDI ice cream - location 5

Sunset portraits - location 6

Back to Airbnb - prepared lobster ceviche and we joined them for dinner - location 7

All-Day Elopements

Ok now you may be wondering why not just make it a quick ceremony and call it a day? As your elopement experience bestie, I'm here to tell you YOU. DESERVE. BETTER. By taking the extra time you're leaving room to breathe, the relax, to call your mom, to do touch-ups, and then go out and make more memories together! You get to include activities and excursions, adventures and FUN on your wedding day. Rather than adhering to someone else's strict timeline of formalities, with an elopement you get to cultivate and create a wedding day experience unique to you two!

And of the best perks about having an all-day elopement is the flexibility. Rather than trying to squeeze all the fun moments and memories into a strict timeline - you get more freedom to go with the flow (my fave!). This really applies to eloping in the outdoors - and in public spaces especially! Varying factors from crowds to the weather, to the little things that come up on a wedding/elopement day. You'll find there's so much less pressure and you can rearrange your plans and change things without worrying too much.

Just like Bri + Zach's foggy sunrise - you never quite know what the forecast will bring ya, especially out on the coast! But rain, or shine - you can make the most of your elopement day with the right attitude (And an expert elopement photographer to guide you along!)

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What to Do at an All-Day Elopement

Ok now you may be wondering what do we do all day?? I got you! Here are some ideas for making your all-day elopement experience one of a kind! Check out my Acadia Elopement Resource Guide for more ideas!

  1. Explore Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and go for a hike, bike ride, or leisurely stroll through the National Park or area you're at.
  2. Have a Picnic: Pack a delicious picnic lunch or reach out to my friend, Tabitha at Luxury Picnics and find a scenic spot to enjoy a romantic meal together.
  3. Capture Memories: Schedule multiple photo sessions throughout the day to capture different moments and locations. From sunrise to sunset, document every magical moment.
  4. Take a Break: Find a cozy spot to relax and soak in the beauty around you. Enjoy a quiet moment together or read a book while taking in the serene atmosphere. You can take a siesta, do touchups, anything!
  5. Adventure Activities: Consider adding some adventurous activities to your elopement day, such as kayaking, rock climbing, a boat cruise or even a scenic flight to get a bird's-eye view of beautiful places like Acadia.
  6. Indulge in Local Cuisine: Treat yourselves to a special dinner at a local restaurant or cook at home!
  7. Watch the Sunset: End your day with a breathtaking sunset view. Find a scenic spot and enjoy the romantic colors painting the sky as you reflect on your incredible elopement day.
  8. Include loved ones. Whether you choose to have guests physically present to not. You can Zoom, read letters, send selfies, or write them a post card from where you are!

Remember, this is your special day, and the possibilities are endless. Choose activities that resonate with you as a couple and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Acadia Elopement Packages

Elopement package during the summer can include an officiant + assistant for your all-day adventure (aka my sweet husband!), PLUS a mini super 8 film and of course all the best digital photos from our adventure together! Reach out to book your Acadia Elopement Photographer + Super 8 Film photographer in New England! It is an absolute pleasure to connect with you about photographing your elopement in Acadia National Park, the gem of Bar Harbor, Maine. I cannot wait to hear from you. Let's chase that morning sunshine over the Atlantic Ocean over Downeast Maine, where the best elopements in Maine occur!

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Ready for your Maine Dream Elopement!

I cannot wait to hear your vision for your adventurous acadia, maine elopement!

Are you looking for a unique and adventurous elopement experience? Look no further than Acadia National Park in Maine! With stunning scenery and countless backdrops, it is the perfect place for your special day. From riding bikes along carriage roads to finding a wild lake deep in the woods, let me help you bring your dream elopement vision to life. As an experienced elopement photographer in Acadia National Park, Maine, I have plenty of ideas and locations up my sleeve! Ask me about my elopement packages!

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