I am a passionate photographer who sees beauty in your love, nature, style, architecture and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. When I’m not photographing intimate destination weddings or elopements, you can find me traveling with my husband, going to one of his many musical gigs (he’s a drummer) and rooting for him following his heart.  I also love to thrift, forage for wild edibles and flowers.  We have an organic vegetable and flower garden with two cats and our tiny house affectionately named the love shack.   Did I mention we love coffee and working from coffee shops when I’m not in my studio?

Based in Connecticut, I’ve called New England home my whole life.  Maine is my second home where my folks live in the peaceful north woods. The rolling hills and historic homes of this neck of the woods are so diverse and tranquil.  Hiking and bike riding keep my mind flowing with fresh ideas and energy.

The mountains of Colorado are calling!  Moving west where this solar powered woman can climb mountains with adventurous couples someday soon is our goal.  In the meantime, I’m happy to travel anywhere in the world to experience the culture and learn more about the world.



Wade deep and dive into glorious adventures with me as I create a piece of art, a bit of magic, just for you. Based in Connecticut, I’m willing to travel with you to anywhere in the world.  I’m not afraid of hiking mountains or getting messy. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to capture the best photograph and if that means I get dirty, so it is. I’m in it with my whole heart.

Melt into your authenticity with me as I put you at ease the first time we meet whether in person or Facetime.  I want to know all about you and your lover, what makes you tick, becoming fast friends. I find endless amounts of inspiration from my environment and I am inspired by your love.

With an eye for the beauty of nature, my style is editorial, moody and romantic. My photography will connect you to all the feels–the joy, laughter, and tears that connect your souls like magnets.