So on this fourth consecutive day of rain in Connecticut, I bring you to
the desert to experience the warm glow of the sun, the rugged terrain
and the promise of new life despite the adversities that arise.  California desert was calling this New England native.   I had always wanted to go to Joshua Tree National Park and thanks to my friends, we had that opportunity. 

California has been in serious drought for over 4 years, the wildfires have increased every year, I was amazed to see green and spring blooms despite the lack of rain.  Our environment is precious and nature is where it’s at.  No matter where you live, get out and enjoy it.  Explore, adventure, build a relationship with the plant and tree kingdom.  All your cares will wash away, I promise.  Get grounded in nature.

May you find hope, beauty and nourishment for your soul.  More California lifestyle photos coming your way.  Stay tuned for camping, climbing sunsets, surfing and sea creatures, oh my!

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