dawn in porto rafti

Each morning, the sun beckons me to wake up and capture it’s beauty across the landscape as it rises over the mountains and cast it’s glow across the sea.  George and I rose from our slumber and walked to town while everyone was sleeping and the roads were quiet.  We were greeted by stray dogs and cats along the way. 

It’s a beautiful site to witness older women gathered together as friends, swimming in the sea at the first crack of light.  Perhaps because it’s still and much cooler than the mid-day sun, or maybe they want to avoid the rush of tourists.  It seems to be a morning ritual in Greece, older women and men swimming in the sea.  George and I swam every day because our bodies and minds craved it.  We were thirsty for the healing renewal water has to offer.

So many gifts each day has to offer, like the swan that crossed my path that morning.  It’s message is that of grace.  Swans mate for life and is also the symbol of love.

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