This is the fourth time my family has rented the same sweet cottage overlooking the ocean and rocky beach in Owls Head, Maine on the dawn of summer.   I always look forward to seeing them as they live so far away.   I’ll admit, I’m kind of a snob when it comes to going away, I
want peace and quiet and lots of nature, hardly any people, shopping or
traffic.  This is the perfect place to be to disconnect, unplug, be in the
present moment and read a good book or explore the vast wonders of the great outdoors.  The only drawback was the smell of moth balls which aggravated my  terrible cough
the entire week I was away which slowed me down even more than I would
have liked.  The bike I took with me didn’t get ridden once.  I had big
plans, instead I made the best of it and took in the world around me within close proximity.

I always find June and September to be the best months to travel to Maine.  The flowers are spectacular.  There is less traffic if you rise early and when you are ready to head home, depart when people are coming into Maine.  On our way home, we stopped in New Hampshire to visit George’s cousin and we were thankful we were headed in the opposite direction of incoming traffic heading north on a Saturday.

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