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No woman should ever have to choose between being a professional entrepreneur and being sexy, which is why in booking a HER session, no choice is necessary: you have the option of both brand photos and intimate photos. Your inner self is your truest, most authentic self – and these intimate editorial sessions are for HER.

Brand photography

More than your plain old headshots. Your brand photos should reflect your true power, and that’s exactly what a HER session will bring you. Think more social media maven, less frumpy office photo. Let’s tell your story together through photos that embrace your innate, magical gifts you’re destined to share with the world.


Intimate photography

What truly makes you feel good? That’s what we’re going for. You’ll put on whatever makes you feel the most sexy – the most genuinely empowered. From there, I’ll create an experience that helps you feel comfortable and lets your personality effortlessly shine through.



When I was younger, I had a hard time accepting myself. It didn’t help that my mom cut my hair super short, and with my “boy” name, so I never felt viewed as feminine. Not the best recipe for self-confidence.

I compared myself, I picked my features apart, and I had no idea how beautiful I was. As women, we never think we are enough. And then we get older, we wish we had more photos of ourselves when we were younger.

I created HER to uplift women like you; to reassure you that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

I want you to have photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, whether you’re looking back on your intimate portraits and admiring your confidence, or you’re showing your grandchildren your brand photos and telling them about how you followed your dreams to create a life you love.

You are the boss of your own making, and that’s a story you deserve to tell for a lifetime.




Brand photography

Personalized questionnaire

Mood board for allll the inspo

Exclusive HER blog

On the day of

Up to 90 minutes of shooting time
Professional hair and makeup
A special playlist to set the mood
Refreshments to keep you hydrated and happy

“I had an amazing time doing a HER session with Corey! She is such a ray of light and creates a very positive and fun experience for her clients. She is very creative but always works to show people in their most true form which is personally important to me. I can’t wait to book with her again.”

After your session

Artistically edited photos delivered in an online gallery
Printing rights
Option to order prints and albums directly from your gallery



*Refer to your Invoice for up-to-date pricing

HER brand photos

There are many reasons you may choose to book a HER session, but the main reason is: YOU. Because you deserve it. HER sessions are designed for women specially for you, to guide you on your journey to self-confidence.

Let’s be real: we all let a little bit of doubt creep in sometimes. I have not yet met a woman who doesn’t… which is exactly why I created HER. I wanted to foster a space for women to feel empowered, beautiful, and strong.

Once you step into my studio, you’ll feel the good energy pumping. The natural light, plants, crystals, and candles send out all the good vibes as you relax with a glass of wine or herbal tea. You’ll have your hair and makeup done by the magic makers, and change into your first outfit. I’ll turn up my feel-good, sexy playlist, and we’re ready to rock and roll.

Whoever you truly are beneath your skin? Be HER.

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