I’m a Connecticut elopement photographer, and also…

A storyteller, guide, hype-human, artist, gardener & witchy woman

Here’s a bit about me, and if we have these things in common,
we might just be the peanut butter to each other’s jelly.

I believe photography is actually the art of noticing things

As a kid in the 70s, I loved to peer through the viewer on my dad’s Minolta film camera. I saw things differently through a lens—I noticed colors, textures, details that didn’t call to me otherwise. These days, when I flip through albums of photos my father took with that same camera, I’m in awe of the things that he noticed—the tangible details that come back to life for me.

I was a “horse girl” growing up

Did I have a horse? No. Did I want a horse? Desperately. (As evidenced by the hours I spent lying on my floor, sketching horses and unicorns.) I never feel more alive than when I’m galloping bareback through a new landscape. That’s the raw, untamed feeling I want you to experience on your elopement.

Magazines are my forever inspiration

Like many a young woman in the pre-Internet days, I spent a lot of time flipping through magazines. If it wasn’t my dad’s copies of National Geographic, it was a fashion magazine. That was the Supermodel Era, and I would make collages of what inspired me the most—like the bad-girl Western vibe of Claudia Schiffer for Guess Jeans. When I’m photographing, I try to infuse an editorial vibe into even the most unposed shots.

When I’m in, I’m all in

I’m never a stranger with a camera on your wedding day. I’ll be your calming presence, your rock, your hype woman, and your planner. I want to know who you are, what makes you tick, and what you stay up late at night thinking about. (That’s the Scorpio in me – always diving deep and infusing meaning into the moment, especially with my couples.)

Sound like the perfect fit? Then…

film elopement photographer standing on a mountain in zion national park

If you’re all about making your own rules and throwing tradition to the wind, then you’ll want to watch my about video. I dare you to click play…

I’d love for you to meet George. My husband…
and maybe your officiant?

In the spirit of doing it all for my couples, I needed an officiant who wasn’t afraid to tackle a hiking trail—and who could rock with the relaxed ceremony vibes my clients covet. Not to mention someone with a podcast-ready voice who doesn’t need a microphone on a windy day.

Enter George, who’s as much of an outdoor lover as I am – plus he has a voice made for public speaking. He also happens to be an ordained officiant, and he travels with me on elopements throughout the summer. (The rest of the year, he’s booked at his other job as a public school teacher for young people.) 

You’re likely to find me . . .

puttering around my garden, studying astrology, practicing Kundalini yoga, chasing the lunar cycle, pulling cards from my tarot deck, or plotting my next adventure in our rental camper van.

My battery gets recharged by . . .

the sun (I like to say I’m “solar powered”)

My closet is . . .

a little rock’n’roll, a little witchy—think Stevie Nicks goes west

When I’m editing . . .

I’m sipping tea and soaking in music, podcasts, or sometimes the sound of silence

My first business was . . .

crabbing at the beach. (We’d sell the crabs and spend the money on ice cream.)

I’m endlessly inspired by . . .

Mad Men, travel documentaries, and cinematic epics like Moonrise Kingdom, Roma, and The Power of the Dog

Kind Words

“Corey made us feel comfortable and was so easy to work with!”

“Not to mention she has such a great sense of humor! She made me feel so beautiful, like I couldn’t have done a wrong pose.”

We’re never guaranteed another shot at golden hour.

Want me to bring the positive vibes (and the camera, of course)
to your adventure elopement?