Down to Earth with Corey

I'm not your average photographer. I've always had this burning passion for the great outdoors, a deep love for fashion, and an unwavering eye for the tiniest details. And that's what sets me apart in the world of photography.

You know what truly sets me apart? It's the way I approach photography as an art form. Each and every photograph I capture is infused with my heart and soul. I believe in the perfectly imperfect and often delicately compose every photo, carefully considering the interplay of light, the shapes, colors, and the raw emotions that make each moment truly special. Prepare to be captivated by the art that we'll create together.

Now, here's the exciting part—I bring a fashionable sensibility to the wild. Yes, fashion is not confined to the runways—it can be found in every nook and cranny of nature. And that's where I come in. I have this unique ability to blend style and nature seamlessly. Whether it's the majestic curves of a mountain peak or the delicate patterns of a flower petal, I capture the beauty of the natural world in a way that resonates with your fashionable soul. Trust me, it's a sight to behold.

But here's the best part of it all—I know how to make you feel at ease in front of the camera. Believe me, I understand that not everyone is comfortable being photographed. That's why I bring my warm and genuine approach to every person I contact. I want you to feel like your most authentic self. When you're with me, you can let your guard down, relax, and simply be yourself. I'll work my magic to capture your true essence, so your personality shines through in every image. It's a fun and effortless experience that you won't forget.

I invite you to join me on this incredible visual journey. Together, we'll explore the breathtaking outdoors, embrace your adventurous spirit, and celebrate your unique sense of style. We'll create art that celebrates your individuality and the beauty of the world around us.

elopement packages

If you’re hiring me to photograph your elopement, I’m not showing up as a stranger on your wedding day. I’m showing up as your best friend, your couples’ therapist, your hype woman, your confidante, and your biggest fan. And I’m positively going to be your bestie on Instagram, DMing you genuine compliments left and right.

I work with humans of all shapes and sizes; no matter who you love, what the color of your skin is, who you identify as, or what you believe in. As long as you’re a nature-loving free spirit hoping for a photographer who will explore this beautiful planet with you, then you’re welcome here.

I’m all-in type of human. I have a deep desire to know who you are, what makes you tick, and what lights you up. I’m a lover, a healer, and a positive, magical romantic. If you vibrate on that same energy, we’re a match.

Now, let’s peel it back a layer.

For me, this role is much more than taking some nice photos of a happy couple at their wedding. Being your elopement photographer means everything to me. You know when you set out to climb a tough mountain, and you finally reach the summit just as the sun is rising? That pure bliss that overcomes your entire body? That’s how I feel when I connect with my couples, and see the love and joy that they exude on the day of their elopement. It’s an I’m-so-lucky-to-be-alive moment.

I’m here to create beauty, spread joy, and connect with all beings on this breathtaking planet. That’s my dharma.

If you’re trusting me to help you tell your love story, I’m going to take that trust as a sign that our souls were meant to meet. You matter to me.

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Friends call me. . .

You can  find me. . .

Outdoors in my garden, hiking or riding my gravel bike.

Corey or Cor

I care about. . .

My battery gets charged by. . .

A healthy planet, living waste-free, educating others, empowering women, creating art, and last but absolutely not least, capturing intimate moments for my amazing couples.

THE SUN! I’m completely solar-powered, and feel most inspired and energized by sweet, golden sunshine.

A non-negotiable for me is. . .

My happy place is. . .

Enjoying every single moment. I’m big on spiritual connection, expressing gratitude, and welcoming the universe’s gifts with open arms. And I live everyday like it’s my last day on this fucking planet!

Nature is my church. I was born to be an explorer, and I’ve embraced that title with open arms.

I dream about...

I’m always wearing. . .

Spending quality time with my husband doing what we love whether that's traveling and hiking new trails or cooking a healthy meal together at the love shack, because nothing sounds better than surrounding ourselves with adventure and positive energy in the outdoors. We love the mountains, peace and quiet in nature and of course flowing water. We are so lucky.

A mixture of rock-and-roll and western vibes, probably in black. Pants always, skirts barely.

"Working with Corey is an absolute dream"

"I had the pleasure of working with her on both personal and professional projects. I met Corey at a good friend's wedding years ago and loved being photographed by her and spending time with her in general. I was mesmerized when my friends wedding photos were returned to her. I wish Corey had been available to photograph my wedding, but unfortunately she was booked on that date. My only regret in working with Corey is that I wish I had moved my wedding date so that she could've been there. Either way, I knew that I had to work with her in the future."