For Couples Who Crave Wild Placesmaine destination wedding photographer

Hey beautiful humans, thank you for considering me for your unforgettable wedding day! I’m thrilled that you would like to know more about how I can help you on your sustainable journey. This is just the beginning to the adventures you will be sharing together.  My approach is artful storytelling where you can be your authentic selves.  This will give you some background on your investment, my approach and what to expect.  I am happy to answer any questions throughout your planning process.  My couples say my superpower is putting them at ease so they can relax and enjoy every moment. I am excited to connect with you on a deeper level should you pick me as your photographer!

My couples appreciate the way I see the world and tell artful love stories.  My imagination is endless and inspired by your connection to each other and the environment.  Whether that is in your backyard, on top of a mountain, in the woods, an art museum or urban environment. 

I will send you a questionnaire to help create a timeline for you so we have enough time for beautiful imagery.  I always seek natural light and look for the best lighting conditions for those gorgeous photos you see on my web site and Instagram.  Good light is essential for capturing the magic and if you can sneak away for golden hour for a few portraits, even better.  

I require an hour to 90 minutes for getting ready to get detail photos and candids, bridal portraits by the best window light where there is room to move. About 15-30 minutes for bridal party photos and an additional 15-30 minutes for your family.  The best lighting is golden hour and I would love to sneak away with you for 15 minutes to get the most magical photos. 

Because this is all about you, I prefer to spend as much time with the two of you together without anyone around for the best intimate portraits.  By having this time alone together, we will avoid distractions so you can be in the moment and freely express your love for one another in a private setting.  Should I be given this  time alone with you, the images you see in this guide will give me the tools and time to be successful in providing you with beautiful imagery.  

My influences are art, nature, fashion and music. I always look for ways to tell your unique story Every wedding is fascinating because there’s nobody like you.  You are an original work of art and that’s how your photos should be, authentically you.  I don’t want to produce carbon copies of what you see on Pinterest. Beauty is everywhere and I see it in the most ordinary places to make it look EXTRAordinary.  I want you to feel something when you look at your photos and connect to that memory. I can’t wait to show you what I see in your love.


A ton of energy and investment goes into creating the wedding of your dreams.  Your time is your biggest investment and I value how precious it is.  Finding your destination, venue, colors, flowers, details and so much more, this day will be the most planned and photographed in your entire life, so why not capture everything.  It’s a BFD and I value your efforts.  I love bringing meaning to the details, so please have them ready for me when I arrive.

Your day will go by in a blink and I am going to capture it all so you can remember how you felt, what it looked like and provide you with everlasting memories.  After the party has ended, the flowers have passed on and the delicious food consumed, all that will remain are your photos. 

I take my work seriously and am fully committed to not only taking wonderful photographs, but to get to know you along the way, so I know what means the most to you.  I will capture every last details so you can cherish those memories forever. I still love looking at my parents wedding album, a history book and glimpse into the life they had before the kids came along.  These memories will get you through on the gloomiest of days when things don’t look so bright.  This is your history book, what kind of story do you want to write?

Looking for real unposed moments, but feel awkward in front of the camera?  No worries, you are not alone.  As a photographer, I’ve been in front of the camera and know how important it is to put myself in your shoes and feel vulnerable.  I have suggestions to help you feel at ease and prompts to interact with one another.  The last thing you need to worry about is looking at the camera.  Rather, when you focus and connect with your partner, touch as often as possible, take deep breaths, move, walk together and laugh until your cheeks hurt, those are the most memorable photographs.  I want you to feel comfortable, not do something that feels unnatural to you and your relationship.  Some couples are touchy feely and others are not.  It’s up to me to get to know you and suggest the most comfortable ideas to you.  Having your photos taken by me is better than couples therapy.  You’ll find ways to connect that would surprise you.  I am far from traditional, but am happy to capture a few of the those for you for your folks to appreciate.


You’ll find my current wedding and elopement options.  Most couples will be able to find an option that fits their needs.  However, if you don’t see an option that works for you, please contact me and I can work on a custom quote especially for you.

Final Thoughts 

I’m going to be with you from the very first inquiry until long after your wedding. We will be spending more time than any other vendor you hire before and after your wedding day.  It’s vital that my style resonates with you, but more importantly that you like me and trust me. I look forward to connecting and getting to know you and your partner so we can be friends and have a blast on your wedding day.  I love to dance when the music starts bumping.  You can find me on the dance floor too.  Cheers!

I am looking forward to booking your destination wedding or elopement!